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Astrology and COVID19

This article appeared on our website as part of the March monthly forecast, written late Feb 2020.

It speculates on the possible chart for COVID19 based on its emergence to the world stage at the same time as the Chinese New Year. The chart highlights the 8th degree of Cardinal signs as critical for our understanding of this crisis.

Significantly, the article mentions the start of March as critical for the evolution on the epidemic. In a few days, the situation escalated beyond anyone’s imagination to become the pandemic we face today. 

Some extra comments have been added to explain further astrological details 



The Planets and Their Astrology

The month of March arrives with Mercury still retrograde and an emphasis on Cardinal signs, with four planets in Capricorn.

Like a dynamic, but jarring, wake up call March gets off to a cracking pace with Mars in conquest mode heading straight for a major series of linkups to Jupiter, Pluto and then Saturn. This could be great for launching bold endeavours but not ideal for the meek, overly anxious or faint of heart.

The end of the month is especially potent as Mars meets Jupiter and Pluto first, then kicks over the line into Aquarius to connect up with Saturn.

The next few weeks carry an especially volatile edge. Proceed with care but do push forward if the feeling is right.


An Epidemic’s Astro Chart?

Worth mentioning is the Lunar New Year chart cast for Wuhan, China (25/1/2020). This chart could be taken to symbolically reflect the emergence of coronavirus onto the world stage.

Just days before, the WHO had met to decide whether or not to declare a public health emergency. Whilst an epidemiological alert had already been issued on Jan 16, it was under the mass movement of the Chinese New Year holidays that the virus started to emerge as a real threat. 

As the New Year commenced, the truth began to emerge about the scale of this unprecedented public health crisis. So the New Year symbolizes the emergence of 2019-nCoV onto the world stage.

What is important to note here is that the Moon’s South Node (Also called the Dragon’s Tail) was sitting right on the eastern horizon (Ascendant) in Wuhan as the Aquarius New Moon formed. The South Node is traditionally interpreted as a malefic influence, and can be seen as inflicting damage upon the city itself, cutting at the foundation of Wuhan’s health and stability. 

Mars will pass over the same degree (8-9 Capricorn) as February comes to a close. The start of March may therefore reveal what the true trajectory of this now global crisis is likely to be. With Saturn “beseiged” (caught between difficult planets) in the first house we have a graphic image of a city under quarantine.

The deadly nature of the virus is shown by Moon conjoining the Sun, which rules the 8th house of this chart. A vaccine is coming but “recurring infection” looks to be a major obstacle that needs to be overcome

In other news, Mercury comes out retrograde mid month but spends all March in Pisces – so we can expect the current air of confusion to continue. It’s a major time to recalibrate and review. Dynamic influences push us forward but also bring obstacles to light.

UPDATE: In the light of what we now know about long Covid, all the astrology is especially interesting. The astro chart for New Year in Wuhan appears to describe the unfolding situation very well. The journey of the Moon as it travels through Aquarius could be used to symbolically describe the unfolding story and its’ eventual resolution in around 2.5 years time

Try to keep centred but be prepared take a leap of faith when the moment presents. And remember the best defence against any virus is a robust level of vitality – so stay strong, be joyful and make sure you look after your gut health!

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