Aspects in Astrology: Sun Trine Moon

sun trine moon aspects


Sun Trine Moon

Aspects are a powerful technique astrologers use to describe different dimensions of the personality. The aspect system – derived from the principles of trigonometry – provides a unique way to understand the complex layers of your psyche. 

Keep reading to learn more about aspects in astrology, especially aspects between the Sun and Moon. As you go, keep thinking about how your Sun-Moon aspect influences the way you express the qualities of your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. 

To think like an astrologer you need to combine these different qualities into a fully formed understanding of who you are. Focus on synthesis, rather than analysing each part individually!


Sun trine Moon or Moon trine Sun


If you were born with a trine aspect between the Sun and Moon in your birth chart then you were born with an innate propensity for balance. 

These “planets” (or another term astrologers use is Luminaries) were approximately 120 degrees apart from each other, most likely in signs of the same element. So if your Sun sign is a Fire sign and your Moon sign is also Fire, then you were born with a trine aspect between the Sun and Moon. 

Because you were born when the Sun and Moon were harmoniously aligned, you will have a degree of consistency in terms of how you see the world. You are likely to find that your personality has a comfortable blend between your will and instincts. A simple way of saying this is that what you want and what you need tend to align. 

For most people, being born with a Sun Moon trine means that the Sun and Moon are likely to be in signs of the same polarity and Element. Therefore, the principle forces which shape your personality share the same fundamental impulses (Fire – to find meaning, Earth – to create stability, Air-  to know and understand, Water – to flow and connect) creating a kind of inner harmony which means you generally know what you need from life and how to get it.

You may have been born with an Earth trine (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) giving a sensual and pragmatic quality to your nature. Or you may have been born with a Water trine between Sun and Moon, giving an emotional and sensitive quality to your nature that makes understanding others very easy. 

Your specific qualities of course depend on the sign in which the Sun and Moon were found at your birth. The trine aspect can create a level of flow in your life, but you will need to take care not to take things for granted.

Sometimes the trine aspect can make you inclined to be self-indulgent so that you avoid challenges and take the easy road every time. 

If you are unsure of what this means or want to create your birth chart, we have a short video that can help. Look at the grid at the bottom of your chart to see if there is a triangle symbol connecting the Sun and Moon. 

If there is, then you were born with the Sun trine Moon!

The Meaning of a Trine Aspect Between Sun and Moon


You may live with a sense of ease. Your ego and your instincts are naturally aligned so that what you expect from life is matched by your unconscious reactions. 

You respond to events with a sense of internal congruence and an expectation of comfort. Because you meet new challenges with a degree of certainty this helps you learn and grow.

For example, you may have been born under an Air trine. You therefore tend to be logical or analytical, and will enjoy gathering the information you need to communicate with others. Naturally inclined to socialise, you are interested in people, enjoy conversation and have lots to offer in return. 

If born with a Sun Moon trine in the Fire element, you may be passionate and dramatic with a love of self-expression. For you a sense of meaning comes from living life to the full. You have flair for drama (as well as bravado) that will always draw an audience.  

With the Sun Moon trine your biggest challenge is to not take things for granted. You can tend toward laziness and will “rest on your laurels” if not pushed enough. You need to assert and challenge yourself, rather than relying on “luck”.

Because your will (Sun Sign/House) and emotions (Moon sign/house) are aligned you understand how others will react when you tell them what you expect. This helps you rise to positions of prominence. You are an expert in your chosen field.

Your capacity to understand people comes from your ability to understand yourself. Don’t underestimate how helpful the ease with which you integrate new things is. Try to find ways to express yourself in the world that really align with your birth chart. 

The most practical thing to do is think about the house in which the Sun was placed when you were born, then consider how you can develop or even excel in these fields. The house position of your Moon adds further detail, showing the areas of life in which you are innately gifted.

Most astrologers agree that the trine aspect between the Sun and Moon is generally fortunate. This aspect is often interpreted as representing a kind of harmony within your nature that will help you identity your strengths as you relate to others. 

Robert Pelletier (Planets in Aspect, 1974) described it like this:

You have the opportunity to rise to prominence if you want to. There is a luck factor in your favour, but you also have the temperament to feel completely at ease in positions of authority. You always exercise your will with an understanding of how people will react to it. Persuasive but not offensive, you have a knack for getting people to do what you want without appearing domineering. Your refined nature is a decided asset if you choose to pursue a professional career


Just remember, focussing on only one aspect of your birth chart fails to account for other equally important qualities within the chart. 

It is essential that you do not try to interpret each aspect in your chart on its own, but instead consider the chart as a whole 

More broadly, it can be said that if you are born with the Sun and Moon in trine aspect then the inner voice which is urging you toward progress (Your Sun sign and house) works well with your emotional needs (Moon sign and house). 

This helps you in all your relationships because you can understand and accept yourself quite well.

The Sun, Moon and Family Story.


One of the greatest and most fascinating mysteries in astrology involves how the relationship between the Sun and Moon at the time of your birth can reflect the nature of the relationship between your parents. 

Maybe not so much who they were as an objective couple, but more who you understood them to be. 

How and why this works is beyond anyone’s knowledge. The simple fact is – it very often does. The way you saw your parents when you were young is often accurately described by the position of the Sun and Moon in your birth chart. 

“Easy” or flowing aspects (like the trine, conjunction and sextile) are often found in the charts of people who see their parents as pretty much on the same page. 

“Hard” or challenging aspects (like the square, quincunx or opposition) are often found in the charts of people who sensed a level of tension between their parents, or who see their parents as very different people somehow. 

The fact that this occurs with such constancy is one of the features of astrology which suggests the Universe is far more complex than we currently imagine. 

Because you were born under a Sun Moon trine, you may have grown up with a sense that your parents were very similar people or at least shared the same values. You may have seen them as a combined force who together gave you a strong impression of how to be in the world. 

This helps you to accept yourself. You can more easily integrate the different parts of your personality because you grew up in an environment that was largely accepting or aligned somehow. Even if you disagree with your parents, you know how to be yourself.

In most (though not all) circumstances your relationship with your parents was probably helpful to your growth. Because they allowed you to find and express your individuality you can accept yourself for who you are, rather than trying to be something that you are not.

In short, you are likely to find that you enjoy an easy or comfortable relationship with parents and family as you grow older, based on the general level of harmony you noticed within your childhood home.

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