The First Solar House

First Solar house

The First House

The First Solar House

The 1st House is the arena of individuality and initiative.

You are likely to feel a need to make your mark in life by expressing yourself dynamically within your environment. You may seek career outcomes that provide independence and autonomy, especially self-employment and contract work. To achieve your potential, you may be faced with the challenge of showing initiative and dealing with competition. You may also need to learn diplomacy and tact. You can give back to others by sharing your courageous ideas and pioneering solutions.

The First House is primarily concerned with individual identity. It operates like a calling card – announcing to the world who you are, and what you expect to achieve. When the Sun is found here, there is an extra emphasis on self-expression, and you are likely to feel a powerful drive to differentiate yourself from others. In many ways you will seek to express even more clearly the qualities of your Sun Sign.

This journey is about demonstrating personal identity. Your mission is to become perfectly comfortable with who you are, then convey that to others completely. This house is associated with autonomy and independence. If this is your Solar House, then your journey is one of continual self-discovery. You may feel compelled to distinguish yourself, to pioneer or make it on your own. Opportunities to show initiative serve to increase your skillset. Along the way, you are likely to gain greatest recognition by forging your own path. This should align with your Solar Sign, and you should seek concrete ways of demonstrating your abilities to the world around you.

If you were born with the Sun in the First House you are gifted with the ability to take charge of your own direction, displaying courage and initiative as you go. Through having the courage to set off on your own path, you build the resilience needed to overcome any resistance. Your journey is toward greater levels of independence, yet you must build this platform through consultation with others. When you learn how to assert your needs, whilst at the same time include the needs of others, you make real progress. Your challenge is to make your own way without ignoring relationships. You may need to overcome self-doubt in order to shine. Over time, you come to recognize that you are at your best when charting your own direction. Your life journey involves learning to stand up for yourself so that you can teach others to do the same.

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