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Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the major planetary influences to give you your horoscope. For an in-depth personal forecast schedule a private consultation to help you make the most of each month’s energies


September 2021


September is the month where Pisces think most about relationships. With a bit of luck September might bring plenty more fish in your seas, which suggests you pay attention should someone genuinely intriguing float by. 

This is your annual moment to review partnership arrangements, fine-tune your extra-sensory perceptions and if necessary do what is required to increase your chance of dating or at least maintaining a level of rapport. 

A New Moon arrives around September 7th. These are all about taking a moment to set fresh intentions for the month ahead. This means checking in to see if you’re still socially relevant, approachable as you could be and available to share your heart.

Then September 20th brings the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon, which is a great time for you to shine at your empathetic best. 

By the end of the month Mars and Venus will be mutually receiving each other in their opposing signs… Even if you don’t know what that means just use your imagination and fill in the blanks.

But remember as always – Before you give more than you have, step back and take a breath. Problems are there for those who attract them, and it is not your job to rescue others from the drama they want to have.

The New Moon Review – Your Monthly Forecast

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