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Your Pisces Monthly Forecast

Welcome to your Pisces monthly astrology forecast. We look at the major planetary influences impacting you to create your best monthly horoscope with practical tips that you can use.

December 2021

The Sagittarius eclipse New Moon at the start of this month brings your professional and public status to the fore. Even though Christmas is upon you, it is still a good time fro put some extra effort in and consolidate the reputation you have built for yourself. 

December is designed to help you organise the longterm path that you are on. Whatever it is you are doing, it’s worthwhile reflecting on how successfully it is getting done. 

Think of this as a kind of career spotlight month, with cosmic forces asking you to put your best foot forward at all times. Be aware of what others think, but be true to who you really are. Nothing garners respect like authenticity, so be yourself and watch the pieces fall into place. 


The Pisces Monthly Horoscope Forecast


Bold steps beckon for some of you, and may push you out into the unknown. At the end of the month, Jupiter arrives back in your sign – which signals a once-in-12 year Growth Fest. 

The next two months are important for seeing new directions in terms of your ambitions while you bring other projects to a close. It’s a good time to make plans for the future in a very tangible form. Even if all you manage is vision-boarding, get yourself ahead of the game with a clear and actionable to-do list. Enjoy the festive season but don’t forget – This is the right time to dream.

Learn More About Your Pisces Strengths

Here you can explore the meaning and characteristics of your Pisces personality. Identify the strengths and talents of your Pisces Sun or Star sign so you know exactly how to harness your talents to be the best that you can be

If you were born with Sun in Pisces, then your strength comes from using your intuition to find ways of connecting with higher truths.

Your senses provide the means for you to legitimately transcend limitations. Your journey involves finding the meaning behind the facade of things – to go beyond purely material concerns, and explore your creative, intuitive or perceptive abilities.

From the outset, yours could be described as an abstract – and at times unusual – path.  Because the Sun symbolizes core motives, you are likely to be driven by a feeling of being in the world, but not of it. In the end, material things may mean very little to you. In the end, you will only find true satisfaction through transcending physical concerns

As a Water sign, your Pisces personality resonates with the emotional, psychological and even spiritual aspects of life. As a Mutable sign, Pisces feel a constant need to change, adapt or shift depending upon the emotional and energetic influences around you at any time. Your strength comes from recognizing your sensitivity for what it is – an incredible perceptual tool.

Keep reading to learn more about the secrets of your Pisces personality right here, then for an more in-depth look at your Pisces strengths and challenges find all the details you need to know about your Pisces Sun Sign here in our amazing Astrology Profile section 

The New Moon Review – Your Monthly Forecast

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