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Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the major planetary influences to give you your horoscope. For an in-depth personal forecast schedule a private consultation to help you make the most of each month’s energies


How you doing Pisces, now that Jupiter is back in your sign? After 12 years waiting you have opened up a new cycle of expansion, opportunity and hope. What is more, this blessed opportunity is yours until the end of next year, so do your best to make the most of it. 

Until June 20 you get a taste of what the next 18 months could look like. Even if things don’t look immediately so bright, have faith in your self and your ability to transcend limitations. You are after all a magical, unicorn type. 

The other big influence is the Gemini New Moon and solar eclipse June 11th that can really impact your sign. Just when you were enjoying the feeling that at last you could drift away on a bed of roses, reality comes back to bite your backside yet again.

It is time to check your progress, and if necessary make a concerted effort to redirect yourself in any area that may not be working out. The cosmos is bringing your attention to your roots, with current astro forces suggesting that as you spend time at home or close to family you uncover hidden resources that might have seemed mundane.


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