KEYWORDS: Stay on Track

Pisces Rising & Sun in Pisces

2019 is likely to be characterized by change – an experience you are too familiar with. Ruler Jupiter in a Mutable sign suggests the year ahead will be one of flux – with a constant stream of influences tempting you to either alter your course, or else become integrated with. The trick for you then is knowing how to absorb the right experiences, whilst calmly gliding past those that aren’t. Think of yourself like a giant green turtle, the grand old king/queen of the sea. In order to live to a ripe age, you must know how to flow with the currents of providence whilst steering clear of people/places/things that will drag you down. 2019 sharpens those skills, helping you get more spectacular at the same time as buffeting you around for a while.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for almost the whole year boosts in a big way your professional life. Ambitions prosper and you meet the right people to assist you with current goals. The urge to widen your sphere should be followed. It’s a great time to push out into uncharted waters. Saturn brings a powerful focus to your public or professional life, suggesting you take yourself seriously and work hard for what you want. There may be some life changing moves on a professional level that cement your path for many years to come. If you are promoted, take the opportunity with both hands. Avoid at all costs earning a reputation for being unreliable, fickle or overly sensitive. Even though the tides of change can be hard to cope with, you must demonstrate your ability to exist comfortably in the real world whilst floating off when the opportunity comes.

Your theme this year is triumph through consistency, finding optimal coping mechanisms as you continue to go with the flow.

Your 2019 Forecast

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