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Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the major planetary influences to give you your horoscope. For an in-depth personal forecast schedule a private consultation to help you make the most of each month’s energies


Hello Pisces

In the midst of a world gone mad it is completely understandable that you feel like throwing your hands in the air and running away from it all. Who doesn’t want to swallow the Red Pill from time to time and perhaps wake up in a vastly upgraded world?

Such sweet surrender is not – however – your best tactic now.  Unpredictable though the times may be, finances and longterm security should be a top priority for you. Even if you have not been able to achieve by now all of your desires, you can always make advances by setting limits on spending and clarifying your goals.

April is an important time for you to demonstrate your willingness to deal with the financial side of life. Consider the idea that how you feel about yourself is reflected in what you spend your money on. As much as that truth may pain you, there is a lot to be gained from examining your level of self-worth based on what you don and don’t own.

With so many problems on the horizon it may seem counter-intuitive to be so materially focussed. But the work you do this month will pay off in the end. So do yourself a favour and commit to a workable plan. Then watch Octopus My Teacher.. So good!


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