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Your 2020 Pisces astrology forecast from Stars Like You. Discover the astrology for 2020 and how it will influence you #astrologyforecast #horoscopes #2020astrology #2020forecast #starslikeyou

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Your Pisces June Forecast


Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the New Moon and major planetary to influences to give you your horoscope. For an in-depth personal forecast you can choose a private consultation to help you make the most of each month’s planetary influences


An important month has arrived. As the first half of 2020 is coming to a close, June brings your focus closer to home and asks you to consider the ground you are standing on. It is time to check your progress, and if necessary make a concerted efforts to redirect yourself in any area that may not be currently working out.

The cosmos is calling your attention to the foundations of your life, with current astro forces encouraging you to spend time at home as you try to uncover hidden resources that you may have overlooked.

The major obstacle we are all facing all is that Venus is currently retrograde, whilst squaring Neptune in your sign. Just when you think you now what you want you change your mind again. To make it a little more confusing, Mercury is retrograde mid month. You can expect to spend the second half of June rechecking what seemed crystal clear at the start.

The first weeks of June are most dubious. Don’t believe the lies and Double-Speak. Be prepared to reexamine your assumptions or benefit through delay.

Give yourself time to consider your options, and in so doing test the ground. Brilliant ideas will present themselves if you take time to explore the foundations now. June is good for preparing outcomes that will take time to unfold. Tweak long-term projects accordingly. The heavens are on your side.


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your astrology or zodiac forecast horoscope from Stars Like You. Discover the astrology for 2020 and how it will influence you #astrologyforecast #horoscopes #2020astrology #2020forecast #starslikeyou

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