Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Your Sun Sign describes the centre of your personality, what motivates and drives you, and who you are learning to become

Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature. Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon describes who you already are

Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful.

The Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo

The Sun in Leo

The Sun in astrology symbolizes the core essence of who you are – your individuality and sense of self. Your Sun Sign is of major importance. The Sun in Leo describes what is likely to motivate you, and why.

Exploring the house in which your Sun is found will give even greater detail. If you do not feel much like your Sun Sign, then consider – Are giving yourself permission to be who you truly need to be?

Leo: Fixed Fire        Ruler: The Sun

Keywords: Creativity, Love, Warmth, Self-Expression, Leadership

Functional Expression: Confident, self-expressive, loyal, honourable, affectionate, regal, romantic, fun.

Dysfunctional Expression: Vain, selfish, arrogant, hedonistic, dictatorial, extravagant, superficial, snobbish.



Living with Passion

Born with the Sun in Leo, you are likely to be motivated by the need to experience life from a place of fun, passion and creative self-expression.

Leo is the Fixed Fire sign of the Zodiac. Its symbolic qualities are described by the physical influence of the Sun. Leos can be gifted with outgoing qualities such as radiance, confidence and energy. These they freely share with those around. The Sun is at the centre of the solar system and the sign of Leo relates to qualities which encourage growth.

Most often, Leos feel the need to organize and lead. Because those with the Sun in Leo look at the world from a central point view, they see themselves as the focal point of everything. Because they see themselves as pivotal, they naturally feel entitled to rule.

At their best, Leos lead with generosity, warmth and strength. They are learning what it means to be confident, and encourage others to be the best that they can be.

In fact, leadership is a special quality of this sign. Others will look to Leo to provide cohesiveness and direction. Over time, Leos must learn to accept this role with humility and good grace.

Self-assuredness and a willingness to lead often comes naturally. Leos have gifts of vitality and popularity that assist them on the way. Because of the need to be centre-stage, they thrive on attention and approval. Within moderation, this is fine.

But taken to excess, this can manifest as a constant search for recognition that reveals an insecurity about where their true value lies. Theirs is a journey toward developing a healthy sense of self.

Accordingly Leos are often happy in the spotlight, and will readily become the life of the party if the situation requires. More retiring Leo types may avoid this attention, but secretly wish it was theirs. Whilst Leos may not always want to be centre of attention, it is important they learn to develop the confidence to shine and lead, so that these gifts can be shared.


Learning to be Confident

Despite these outgoing and entertaining qualities, those with the Sun in Leo tend to struggle with deep insecurities about their value and worth. Leos are not born for the spotlight. They are learning how to be in charge.

Because of this there is an existential angst that sits at the centre of this sign. Beneath a confident and sunny exterior can hide an insecure little cub. This cub needs constant reassurance to know it is accepted by others, and so fundamentally alright.

Sometimes this insecurity overtakes their natural desire to shine. Some with the Sun in Leo prefer to bloom from the sidelines, rather than stand in the limelight. Whether this is due to real shyness, or a deeper insecurity, will be shown over time.


The Child Within

This ‘existential angst’ deserves closer inspection. Despite the apparent confidence and self-assuredness of Leo, this is actually a deeply mystic or religious sign that is intrinsically connected to the mystery of Life.

Leo rules the forces of creation – the process which governs the emergence of something from idea/inspiration into form. At a broad level, this lends those with the Sun in Leo an innate connection to creative processes and many times a creative streak.

The mystery at the heart of creativity is essentially unknowable, and may be divine. It is within the pulsing heart of this mystery that Leos look to discover their source.

Are they really a Divine Child born to live out some unique destiny? Or are they just a chance conglomeration of emotions, opportunities, opinions and needs? Is there really something inside which makes them special? Or are they simply playing out a one-dimensional role?

Finding fun in the moment will help them sort these issues out. They need to connect with their inner-child and remember its ok to play.

Spending time cultivating their creativity through hard work and self-discipline helps them learn what they are good at and what they love. Whatever path they choose in life, it should be one that meets their sense of passion and urge for self-expression.

By taking up the opportunity to do things that make them feel special, they gain the self-approval which will stand them in good stead. Once Leo knows what they do well, they can “launch their promotional tour”. When feeling secure in their own abilities, they will instinctively know when it is time to ascend to the podium, and when it is time to get off!

A major part of the Leo journey involves having the courage to follow their passions and developing the skill required to be good at them

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The Mystery of Creation

At a philosophical level, Leo is connected to the utterly human need to know the Source. They may be attracted to magic, mysteries and enchantment. For the Leo individual, there is often a very private insecurity (or introversion) that drives them to seek the mysteries of life. They know that life tends to “favour” them, but they have no idea what they have done to deserve this or whether it will continue. Is it of their own making? Or does it come from a source higher than themselves?

Through understanding the act of creation, those with the Sun Leo secretly hope to reconnect with the source of Life itself, to discover where they have come from and so where they are meant to go.

Yet in order to find answers they must face a fundamental truth – it is only through the loss of personal meaning that eternal truths are found. Leos often encounter a period in their lives (and there may be more than one) in which they cannot rely on luck, courage and charm to get them through.

Then they must make a deeper voyage – into the Heart of Darkness – a deeply personal place.

When they accept their shadow side then they know the brilliance of their light. Through depression and spiritual yearning, Leo comes to understand in a truly personal way where their radiance lies.


A Dark Heart

Within the Heart of Darkness, a curious beast stirs. When failing to operate from the highest ideals and motivations, Leos can become ruthless despots and manic “drama queens”.

When they are not secure in who they are they can become enraged with the idea that they are not receiving their rightful dues. Traditionally Leo was called a bestial sign, with all the ugliness this implies

As much as they can be light, bright and full of sunshine, they can also become complaining, vain and self-centred black-holes, destroying everything around them in a monstrous rage of dissatisfaction.

The deep-rooted insecurity that sits at the centre of this sign can take over, clouding their other more attractive qualities. The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland is typical of a displaced Lion. She destroys what she cannot have out of a desperate insecurity that someone else has more than her.

Leo must guard against the tendency to feel outrage when they do not receive their “due”. They must come to terms with feelings of petulance and self-indulgence, to remember that everyone is special in their own terms. When Leo finds their own light they do not covet what is not theirs.


The Lion’s Domain

Just like the lion which is their symbol, a Leo must have their own domain. In certain ways, Leos gain a sense of personal authenticity by having precedence and being able to take charge. They need an area of focus where they know that they can “rule”.

This can be the home, the job or the local football team. Managed wisely, Leos blend passion, vitality and creative interest in such a way that they ensure everyone benefits from the outcome. Passion is the key-word here, for as a sign ruled by the qualities of the heart, Leos tend to want to lead in whatever area of life generates passion and meaning for them. As Deborah Houlding describes it

“Put simply, whatever opinions anyone else may have on the matter, a Leo perceives him or herself as the royal center of activity. Lions are territorial animals and care little about what happens outside the boundaries of their own terrain; similarly, all Leos will have an area that they view as ‘their kingdom’ – their rightful place to shine where they can become the nucleus that directs, organizes and orchestrates. To some it is the domestic environment; to others, a hobby or intellectual pursuit; others yet may find it in a wider professional or political arena. Wherever this ‘kingdom’ exists, a Leo will take great pride and pleasure in being viewed as someone to look up to. Treat them with respect, and they demonstrate that well-earned reputation for a broad-minded, enthusiastic and magnanimous disposition.”

Failure to offer respect, or question the Leo’s authority or right to rule, can have dire consequences.

Leos hate to be told what to do, and may rise up in self-righteous indignation should anybody question a decision they have made. They are best left to feel in charge of their domain, for it is here that any inherent insecurity will diminish, and the more noble qualities of the sign can eventually shine through.

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Romance and Affection

As the sign of romance, Leos also specialize in affection, grand gestures and big gifts. Leo is connected to the expression of love. Chasing the thrill of romance is one of their favourite pastimes.

They make warm and generous lovers who take the time to enjoy the art of love. Yet whilst they will often display a great affection and tenderness to others that makes them exciting to be around, the flow of attention can eventually become one way.

Once the thrill of the initial chase is done, Leo can tend to expect more for themselves than they are prepared to give. As a basically self-centred sign, Leo will easily get wrapped up in the importance of their own self-expression once they have captured another’s heart.

They may expect unending adoration and lavish proofs of affection, but may not be so ready on the return. For Leo, the fun of relationship lies in the romance, and after the initial gestures are made, attention is likely to shift back to their own demands, sometimes leaving partners out in the cold.

This can be especially problematic in relationships where the partner is less independent or needs constant reassurance themselves. In this degree, the evolved Leo should remember – to ensure happiness they should give as good as they expect, so ensuring that the flow of mutual generosity and reward stays open, even when the other’s heart has been won.


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Sun in Leo: The Leo Solar Journey

If you were born under the sign of Leo, your task here on Earth is to shine. You are likely to be gifted with qualities such as confidence, warmth, good humour and a generosity of spirit that make you easy to be around. Because of your innate sense of being at the centre of everything, you are ideally suited to organizing others and taking charge. Yet stepping into this role as the central organizing principle within others lives requires you to confront and eventually vanquish the deeper insecurities that you carry inside.

You are likely to be a highly creative and self-expressive individual, and when you take the time to understand and develop your capacities before expecting others to recognize and approve of them, you will learn to appreciate yourself. Then you can step out into the limelight when the moment requires without simultaneously demanding attention, recognition and applause. All this will come naturally to you in time, greatly assisted by your sunny disposition and effortlessly radiant charm.

BUT WAIT….. There’s More!

There is so much more to your personality than just your Sun Sign. Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon Sign describes who you already are. Your Rising Sign reveals how others see you

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