Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Your Sun Sign describes the centre of your personality, what motivates and drives you, and who you are learning to become

Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature. Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon describes who you already are

Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful.

The Sun in Pisces

sun in piscesThe Sun in astrology symbolizes the core essence of who you are – your individuality and sense of self.

It describes what is likely to motivate you, and why. The Sun Sign describes the prime focal point within the personality structure, and is of major importance. Understanding and developing these aspects of self will help develop and expand your sense of authenticity. Understanding the house in which your Sun is found will give even greater detail.

If you do not feel much like your Sun Sign, then consider – Are giving yourself permission to be who you truly need to be?

Pisces: Mutable Water

Ruler: Jupiter

Keywords: Service, Sacrifice, Compassion, Mysticism

Functional Expression: Empathy, intuition, sensitivity, service, imaginative, extremely creative, universal, devotional,

Dysfunctional Expression: Ungrounded, victim, suffering through sacrifice, addictive, critical, afraid, lost.


When the Sun is found in Pisces, a sense of self come from being “in the world”, and yet not “of the world”. Pisceans tend to be motivated by the desire to connect to realities greater than the ‘here and now”. They need to live the truth that there is more to life than meets the eye. Whilst this may seem an abstract statement, Pisceans tend to inhabit dimensions of reality that transcend the every day. Pisces, as the final and perhaps least understood sign of the Zodiac, represents many mysteries. It governs those facets of experience that go beyond the purely physical. Piscean individuals are often highly imaginative, sensitive and impressionable people. They sometimes struggle with a fundamental duality in their nature. It could be said that one half of them is attempting to chart a realistic course through life whilst the other half is seeking ways to escape it.


Pisces is a Mutable Water sign. This brings together themes of flux, sensitivity and imagination. As mentioned, this is a sign of duality. The challenge when born into the sign of Pisces is developing a clear sense of individuality or purpose when there is a fundamental urge to transcend the limitations of this mortal coil. Their struggle is symbolically depicted by the two complementary yet opposing fish that represents this sign. One Fish could be described as having a firm focus on the world around. On this level, Pisceans come across as street smart or“world-wary”, with a sense that nothing anyone does would surprise them. As the final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces has integrated every facet of self-expression, and so carries within its symbolism the sum total of human experience. Whilst they may not agree with a particular behaviour usually at some level they can understand. Their empathy and compassion means they sense where others are coming from, and so can relate on a certain level.Their awareness of others gives them the ability to deal with any situation, and they do well in any area which involves understanding others. They may not like what they see, but their ability to respond to what is in front of them means they can appear to be both experienced and open to anyone.


Yet on the other hand, there is another Fish which seeks to transcend the mundane. This part is not at all connected to the humdrum or everyday. As much as they appear to be present and connected with others, they can also feel as if they are swimming away – typically to more pleasant, fantastical seas. Sometimes they are familiar with the waters they swim in, and at others times they may drift off into dimensions they are not even aware themselves. The need to transcend the everyday is just as important as the need to engage with the here and now. And so, within this complex dilemma, Pisceans develop a sense of self-experiencing a constant state of flux between emotional, psychological and spiritual expressions of self. Their challenge involves allowing both aspects of self to exist side by side, and so find optimal ways of channeling these qualities into their everyday lives.


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sun in Pisces


A Multi-dimensional Experience

To achieve this synthesis, there are usually three key dimensions of experience that feature through their lives. For many Pisceans, the theme of transcendence will express through their sense of care or compassion in the everyday. By connecting with the emotional fields of others they can ‘escape’ their own limited frame. Merging energies allows them to feel expanded and on track. For others, they will experience transcendence through their creative or imaginal lives. There is often a strong affinity with particular forms of creativity, so taking time out to explore the creative is time well spent. Thirdly, the domain of spirituality and devotion may feature, and for some Pisceans transcending the everyday means exploring metaphysical realms. As is the nature of this sign, Pisces can operate on all three levels from time to time, and sometimes all at once! It is normal for Pisces to be in multiple dimensions at any goes moment of the day. In whatever way it suits, Pisceans need to find a way to access their acute sensitivities and move beyond a limited identification with only the here and now.


Pisceans are typically gifted with incredible insight. Their intuition will reveal much to them about people and circumstances, when they are willing to see things clearly. Pisces can be almost prophetic in their sensibilities. Yet to achieve this level of clarity they must exercise constant self-awareness and discipline. They have the ability to be one step ahead at every turn, always pre-empting what others need and how they will respond. Thus they can succeed at almost anything. Yet just as easily, they can become confused by the bombardment of impressions influencing them from all round. They may have trouble discerning between what is coming to them from outside themselves, versus what is rising up within. Sometimes the “feelings” they have about others will be birthed in their own imagination, or in through their desire to escape from what they deep down know. Pisces can have a tendency to ‘put on rose-coloured glasses’ – so seeing the world or others in an idealised form. They can award merits that do not exist in an effort to make a situation special, unique or romantic somehow. The desire to transcend the ordinary (not face reality) sometimes means they give others the benefit of the doubt when they should not. Their inability to discern between intuition and desire means they can become easily confused. When this happens, they can find themselves enmeshed in situations where their good nature is taken advantage of. The Pisces journey involves understanding how sensitive they are. Sometimes this will happen by losing themselves. Through blurring the distinctions between self and other, they can lose a clear sense of who they are. If this happens they must learn to reestablish boundaries, becoming clear about when – and with whom- they should say no.


Suffering and Sacrifice

Pisces is the sign connected with states of victim consciousness. The Piscean individual needs to constantly monitor when they might be allowing themselves to fall victim to some external influence as a way of opting out. Falling victim to someone or something else is a way of giving in to a sense of not being able to cope with life. They may carry an inner need to be taken care of – which is in fact a way of escaping from the rigours of life. Pisces is known as the sign of least resistance and sometimes Pisces will seek the easy way out. They become victim to some kind of habit or circumstance that ends up ‘validating’ their belief that they need to be rescued. 


If they believe is that life is hard, cruel or dangerous, then the only apparent route open to them is escape, either into some kind of addictive habit (drugs, alcohol, romance), or into victimhood. A special mention must be made here of addiction, for this is one of Pisces preferred means of escape. Under the apparent haze of a habit they ‘cant control’ Pisces can avoid taking responsibility for themselves. The temptation to lose oneself in the haze of addiction can have a glamorous appeal with disastrous consequences.


Another habit that can take over their lives is the need to be in control. Sometimes sensitivity and paranoia combine to create obsessive behavioural patterns that are just as difficult to break. In an urge to stem the tide of constant change that flows through their lives some Piscean develop OCD qualities. The need to clean their house obsessively is one such manifestation of the Piscean desire to experience control. When they become depleted or drained by exposure to others or simply to negative influences they can become become overwhelmed by feelings/emotions versus the ability to maintain a clear sense of self. Paranoia and phobias can start to take hold. They can find themselves reacting to an impending sense of chaos by trying to adopt rigourous forms of control. To stem the tide of flux they develop personal rituals that are meant to somehow “protect them” from change. their sensitivities confuse them and they can retreat into a world of obsessive ritual. Being so sensitive has its challenges. Learning to “be in the world, but not of the world” takes both self-awareness and time.



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Creativity and Imagination

At the creative and imaginal level, Pisces tends to have an easier time. Here, they are in their element, swimming through vivid waters of fantasy and imagination. Many Pisceans have strong creative leanings, and need to find an outlet for their inspirations. In many ways, this is about finding a means to express all the impressions they constantly feel. Anything with a strong visual and emotional component is a natural vehicle for the Piscean imagination. Certain abstract art forms have an especially Piscean tone,  including film, photography, dance, drama, music and fluid forms of painting. It is highly therapeutic for Pisceans to spend time in creative pursuits, either through their own creative projects or simply immersing themselves in some one else creative work. Though accessing the imagination they find a way to leave the everyday and keep self-contained. Time alone is vital for Piscean well-being, and experiencing creativity is an excellent means of having time out. Time spent daydreaming or connecting with the imaginal is like an internal reboot. When they spend time with their imagination they find food for the soul. It is important for Pisces to withdraw into themselves in order to connect. Time spent alone, in nature, or by the water is a powerful tool for self-development and awareness. 


Another level of expression can come about through finding avenues to be of service. Pisceans are often gifted with a high degree of compassion, They have a strong urge to be of service to others somehow. Here they bring special gifts, as they can offer the salve for others physical, emotional or spiritual wounds through their inner connection to the source of Life itself. Because they so easily empathise, they know instinctively what others need to hear. Because they can at some level comprehend all facets of human experience, they do not tend to judge. Instead they can offer unconditional service based on pure acceptance and even Love. Many Pisceans find within themselves a calling to be of service that should not be ignored. They can do this in their everyday lives through helping those less fortunate, in their professional lives by pursuing careers that allow they to helps, serve or heal, or through volunteering extra time and service to community groups.


As ever though, the Piscean temperament means they need to be on guard against tendencies to give the self away. Many Pisceans seem to have an inner conviction that in order to be of service, they must also suffer in some way. This is part of a potent cultural belief structure which suggests it is in fact noble to suffer in the act of service – a hangover from 2000 years of misinterpreted Christian theology. The willingness to sacrifice is a highly commendable virtue, but the idea that they need to be suffering if they are to be of true service is slightly displaced. They will be more effective, and inspiring to others, if they simultaneously demonstrate how to maintain and honour the self. Their task is to embody the example of radiant well-being they wish to manifest in others lives. Their compassionate nature means that there is no question where you allegiance lies. The give for the sake of giving and usually do not seek anything in return. But it is important they do not give themselves away in the process, and should watch for signs of the ever present Piscean temptation to seek escape by becoming unable to deal with the everyday.


Spiritual Development

Finally, Pisces is a highly mystical and psychic sign, and these abilities can also spill over into powerful healing or clairvoyant abilities. A deep sense of devotion and heightened spirituality is often present, so that service is offered not only to the individual or group but also to the Divine. Many Pisceans experience a very personal relationship to the spiritual dimension of life. They may not be conventionally religious, but will have their own personal set of rituals or beliefs that express a broad relationship to the Divine. There may be private things they do on their own time which express a deep spiritual connection. Some Pisceans can also become a vehicle for spiritual illumination, and access transpersonal dimensions of experience to acquire specific information. History is replete with mysterious situations where ‘knowledge’ brought through from non-material planes has lead to outstanding developments in the human condition. Medical insights birthed in the ancient world, architectural triumphs which remain unexplained or experiences of past-lives and other dimensions are all examples of knowledge systems which transcend the everyday. Pisceans tend to specialize in this kind of insight, having access to intuitive wisdom that is commonly termed ‘psychic’. They may have precognition of the future or meaningful dreams which explain the situations in mysterious ways. Recognizing and developing these latent sensitivities is an important part of the Piscean experience. Time spent in meditation or developing the “sixth sense” is important. In the end, grounding these psychic abilities may prove to be the most significant way to transcend the everyday.



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The Sun in Pisces


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Your Pisces Solar Journey

Born with the Sun in Pisces, your journey involves learning how to be in the world but not of it. You have powerful and mysterious gifts of sensitivity, insight, imagination and creativity. Used wisely, these talents will allow you to be of service, both to yourself in achieving what you want in life and also to others. Your challenge is to find ways of bringing your multi-dimensional, sensitive self into harmony with the material world by becoming clear on what you feel and maintaining appropriate boundaries.When you hold your space and see things clearly, you can become a self-contained source of love, inspiration, and practical wisdom for all the world to share.As you learn to take care of your own sensitivity, you nurture your imaginative and spiritual gifts. You can excel in any field that requires human understanding, whilst your deep sense of compassion will let you find outlets which allow you to serve, help and heal.


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