Sun in The Tenth House

10th house: Discover how the Sun in the Tenth House influences your astrology chart. Learn which areas of life you should focus for success at #firsthouse #sunsign #emotions #personaldevelopment #mindset #astrologyhouses #solarhouses

The Tenth Solar House:

10th house: The arena or career and reputation.

With the Sun in the Tenth House you may feel motivated to fulfill your ambitions and so will drawn toward accepting responsibility or embracing executive positions.

You may be most comfortable in situations that allow you to execute, lead and manage. You are likely to be stimulated by the idea of professional success.

You may also be drawn to successful people, preferring to spend time with those whose reputation reflects your aspiration. Your challenge is to persevere in the attainment of your goals, and demonstrate thoroughness in what you do.

In time, you teach others how to create results that last, as well as the value of a good reputation.

The Tenth House of the chart pertains to the public and professional dimensions of life. It relates to success, honour, recognition and achievement. It describes ambition, leadership and organizational abilities. It also outlines the career or vocation we are suited to, although the qualities we are publicly recognized for, rather than the actual work we do, are more likely to be represented here.

This houses symbolizes reputation and protocol, the ability to uphold a certain public image. If you were born with the Sun in the Tenth House, you are likely to have a strong sense of how you are perceived by others. You will feel the need to distinguish yourself in a public way, and will most typically achieve this through your career.

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Responsibility is key. Usually a strong sense of responsibility and duty to others is linked with the need to achieve. You are likely to gravitate toward situations which require accountability. You may find you have responsibility placed on you at young age. Or, you could find yourself rising into senior positions quickly as you work your way to the top.

It is important for you to take on responsibility, and be seen by your superiors as capable and efficient. You are likely to be hard-working, and will have clear goals in terms of what you expect for yourself. You might also expect a lot from others, and will have high standards in everything you do.

Fear of failure can be a powerful driving force, and will push you to persevere. You may need however to give yourself time – in effect be less demanding – in order to develop the skills you need to eventually carry you forward. 


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10th Solar House: Discover how the Sun in the Tenth House influences your astrology chart. Learn which areas of life you should focus for success at #firsthouse #sunsign #emotions #personaldevelopment #mindset #astrologyhouses #solarhouses

The Sun in the Tenth House,

You are gifted with an innate ability to manage or lead. Your natural sense of responsibility means you can assume a certain leadership role both amongst your peers, and in your professional life.

You remind others of the need to be accountable through taking responsibility for yourself. Because you learn through hard work and endurance, you come to value the art of doing things well. When you demonstrate mastery, you maintain standards that in turn inspire others to do the same.

Ultimately, you find you are well suited to mentoring others, teaching them the value of discipline and stability. You have the ability to give back to others in many ways and help them excel. Through accepting responsibility, you add value to your own and others lives.

Your legacy becomes the wisdom you bring, and the enduring structures you create. 

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