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Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the major planetary influences to give you your horoscope. For an in-depth personal forecast schedule a private consultation to help you make the most of each month’s energies


September 2021


You may well be in the mood for “Me-Time” as September unfolds. This month is a renewal point for you, meaning you could require some space to work out the next best move. Give yourself permission to take it slow all month as ruler Saturn gets into stationing mode. You know the slow burn builds the strongest fire. Who wants to be a flash in the pan?

A New Moon arrives around September 7th. New Moons are all about stepping back to set fresh intentions. This means being willing to seperate fact from fantasy, truth from dares and get to the bottom of anything irksome in terms of your current state of mind. 

Consider all your options then recalibrate what is not currently working in your life. Bust out of any funk that feels like it is holding you down. The best way to do this is by taking a break from your usual routines, or through becoming well-skilled in the art of mindfulness

September is optimal for avoiding drama, not freezing out others.



The New Moon Review – Your Monthly Forecast

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