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Aquarius Rising & Sun in Aquarius

Lasting satisfaction generally comes from the pleasure of what we have earned. Whilst momentary thrills can put a smile on the dial, in most circumstances true appreciation comes from the fruit of hard work and perseverance. After many years spent forging a path on your own, 2019 brings the chance to profit from all you have done. A sense of accomplishment crowns your effort. Put simply, you are in a cycle of reward and recognition based on what you have previously set up for yourself. So enjoy and know you have earned it. Alternately, if the year ahead brings very little, then you may want to take a very sober look at the choices you have made up until now.

Saturn hints at the final achievement of goals that have taken many years to unfold. If you are old enough, consider what you were doing around 26 years ago. You may find the foundation of current climaxes buried deep within your past. Even if you have not taken enough turns around the Sun yet you are still likely to find that 2019 represents the culmination of your efforts somehow. Appreciate the opportunities you are given. You have earned them as your just reward.

Jupiter creates the chance to connect and benefit from others. Some of you may see unexpected sources of income – even inheritance – from unknown sources. If you have a business mind, then 2019 is excellent for you to broaden your scope. Consider your networks and think about who could benefit you most.

Your theme this year is to practice relaxation, as you reach out to gather the fruits of your hard work

Your 2019 Forecast

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