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Aquarius 2018 Forecast

It’s hard to hang around in the background when you are essentially a solution-oriented type. You have an incredible capacity for solving difficult problems and seeing a fresh point of view. At the same time, you also have a stunning ability to be hard on yourself. When faced with periods of inactivity, you can get both restless and self-sabotaging as you push hard to make things happen, even if they really don’t need to occur. 2018 is about finding the right time to rest, and the right time to strive. You need to find ways of being kinder to yourself by trusting the natural rhythms of life.

Some of you will notice that this year feels like one of review. You may be deep in the process of saying goodbye to the old. If necessary, 2018 is about leaving behind old habits, friends and perspectives as you clear the path for another life. Others will have a sense that the future is somehow far away. Rather than focussing on what you want, you might find you need to establish what you don’t. Once you’ve released yourself from certain redundant situations you will be in a better position to proceed. Jupiter is in good form to help you dream, so don’t be afraid to set your eye on impossibly far-off goals.

The big news for you this year is that Mars is set to make an extended appearance in your sign. From May until November, Mars is in Aquarius adding oomph to all that you wish to achieve. This signals an especially productive tone to your year, once the preparation is done. Between late June and August a retrograde phase will slow the pace down quite a lot. Where possible, put big moves in place before then, allowing space for things to settle down. September means all systems go. No doubt you will want to get an immense amount done.

Your theme this year is letting go and letting God… Without secretly thinking you could do a better job.

Your 2018 Forecast

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