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Hello Aquarians:)

What are you making of all this global unrest? Do you see before you a future of exciting possibility, or are we staring into the final Abyss? You more than most know that the solutions we need come from joining together. There is no “I” in tomorrow, especially when there is no real collective change now.

So how do you play your part with so many idiots in charge? The answer lies in education. Knowledge sets a people free.

An Aries New Moon April 11/12th triggers your research and analysis zone. This should inspire you to gather the necessary information to proceed. Look around for sources of intelligence which deliver truth in the form of cold, hard fact. There is no room for opinion on climate change, sexual abuse or corruption. These facts must be dealt with as the maladjustments that they are

Connecting with others is also part of all the plan. Typically you do well in social settings but of course may be spending a lot more time at home now. In order to flourish, you need friends you can rely upon. So use April to build up your networks and replenish your team. As you up-skill and add to your knowledge base you attract others who think the same.


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