Sun in The Eleventh House

11th House: Discover how the Sun in the Eleventh House influences your astrology chart. Learn which areas of life you should focus for success at #eleventhhouse #sunsign #emotions #personaldevelopment #mindset #astrologyhouses #solarhouses

The Eleventh Solar House:

11th house: Arena of friendships and groups. 

With The Sun in the Eleventh House you may be motivated by a drive to connect with others and form groups based on similarities and shared goals.

A natural networker, you may be great at finding friends. You could seek professional outcomes in which you can establish connections and work toward the common good.

Your challenge is to make time for the networks in your life, as well as for yourself. You may need to remember to honour your individuality rather than lose your identity within these groups.

Over time, you come to represent equality, the value of true friendship and support for collective concerns.

The Eleventh House describes how each individual is related through the society or group of which they are a part. Born with the Sun in the Eleventh House, you are learning to think about what is best for the communities in which you are a part.

You may have a strong sense of social justice and be adept at finding ways to bring harmony to group situations. Friendships are likely to be important, and you may have connections from all walks of life. You are likely to need an active social life. A sense of self comes from group involvement. You will feel most alive when part of a collective

You probably have a good grasp of human resources. You may excel working in organizations that allow you to think across broad, departmental lines. Or you may be great at coming up with fun ideas to bring people together, sensing what others want and what will make events most enjoyable.


Compare your Sun Sign and House with your Moon and Rising Sign/Ascendant


Whilst your ideas may have an element of idealism, you often have a clear sense of what is practical. With the Sun in the Eleventh House, you may hold a vision of utopian harmony, tempered by an understanding of what is realistic. Alternately you make walk the path of the loner, but bring a fresh perspective to your social groups.

Wherever possible, you will strive toward objectivity. You are learning how to deliver tangible outcomes to benefit all concerned. For such reasons, you may find yourself drawn to pathways which focus on relationship-building or achieving common goals. 

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11th solar house: Discover how the Sun in the Eleventh House influences your astrology chart. Learn which areas of life you should focus for success at #eleventhhouse #sunsign #emotions #personaldevelopment #mindset #astrologyhouses #solarhouses

The Sun in the 11th house

You are gifted with the ability to connect with others and become part of a greater whole based on similarity and shared networks. Through your group and organizational focus, you build lasting relationships with common values.

You may seek professional situations which allow you to forge connections and work toward the common good. Your challenge is to honour your individuality and not lose your own perspective as part of that group. You may need to recognize what is special about yourself in order to shine. Over time, you come to recognize that you are at your best when involved with others.

Your life journey involves teaching the value of equality, the freedom of true friendship and the benefit of groups.

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