Zodiac Strengths: Your Scorpio Personality

the strengths and characteristics of the Scorpio sun or star sign. Scorpio personality explained

The Scorpio personality

Explore the meaning and characteristics of your Scorpio personality. The strengths and talents of Scorpio Sun/Star sign.

If you were born with the Sun in Scorpio,  then strength comes from understanding the depths of your own nature and the influence of desire.

Your journey involves learning to focus on what you need, and let go of what you don’t. Along the way, you will discover the difference between attachment to what you think you want, and the use of will as a motivating force.

Because the Sun symbolizes core motives, you are likely to be driven by a need for satisfaction. But you must learn the difference between what is beneficial and what is not. This will require you to face the truth about your intentions, and whether you are trying to exert control for self-interest or whether you are prepared to share what it is you gain.

As a Water sign, Scorpio relates to emotion, especially unconscious compulsions and needs. Scorpio is Fixed in temperament. You are likely to be mostly influenced by your feelings and will not easily give up on getting what you want. Your personality is shaped by a tendency to be consistent, loyal and steadfast in approach.

This journey is teaching you about desire through learning what it means to let go. You must come to the realisation that not all desires can be satisfied, not all needs can be met. Through wanting what you cannot have, or in gaining something that you must ultimately give up, you are forced to transform and grow. Then you find the source of true power that lies within – your ability to transform and evolve

Scorpio rules emotional exchange, intimacy and inner drives. With a Scorpio personality, you will feel an urge to understand your own nature and explore your own depths. You will also grow through forming deep bonds with others. Your strength comes from your ability to establish rapport, truly understanding where others are coming from.

By connecting with others, you learn to see the essence of who you are. You see your true motives when you interact. Your sign is gifted with intuition. You can be especially perceptive, and able to register the subtle undercurrents of any situation in which you are found. You easily sense when something is kept hidden, and will want to bring it into the light.

Because of your sensitivity you require absolute honesty from others, as well as yourself. Your willingness to discuss what might be difficult or uncomfortable is paramount. To build trust, you must plumb the depths of your own and others motivations, to uncover the truth that lies behind. Your greatest insights come through self-reflection and interaction. By looking honestly at yourself and your relationships, you gain in wisdom and strength.

Creating intimacy is essential for your growth. In order to experience real intimacy, you must surrender control. You need to let others see your vulnerabilities as well as your strengths. This uncomfortable yet necessary state allows you to access your most profound internal resources.

Like a lobster descending to the bottom of the sea to regrow its shell, there are times when you need to allow yourself to be exposed. Letting others know the depths of your emotion opens a door to renewal. Through sharing intimacy and vulnerability you discover what it is to honour yourself.

Being vulnerable triggers opportunities for growth. Intimacy empowers you to find your sense of purpose. The ability to forge close bonds with others is the great strength of your Scorpio personality, but  trusting others enough to let them in is a skill you must develop in time.

More than anything, your journey is about truth. You are learning to be unflinchingly honest with yourself and others. To do this, you must face your own shadow and grapple with desire. Your journey is toward attaining mastery over emotional drives. When you face your own nature in total honesty you can help others do the same

Your Scorpio personality demands self-enquiry. You must differentiate between ego-driven drives and life-sustaining impulses. Are you seeking that new job to add value, or to exercise control? In short, are you trying to satisfy your own needs and cravings or are you creating something that brings benefit to others as well?

The force of your emotions will compel you to recognize the real motivating factors within your personality, and push you to transform whatever needs to be redeemed. You are likely to to be very familiar with difficult emotions such as greed, envy, jealousy and the urge for control. With the Scorpio Sun or Star sign you are challenged to recognize the darkest aspects of your psyche, and then do the work necessary to bring these into light.

Life has an internal compulsion to constantly evolve. With a Scorpio personality you are intimately connected to the forces which govern transformation and growth. Your journey will challenge you to grow first as an individual, and then become an agent of change in the world around you.

If you are on this journey, then a form of surrender is usually required. At every step, you must ask yourself what you truly need, and be prepared to release anything no longer required.  This could involve a wish, state of mind or even chapter in your life. In letting go of people and situations that are not necessary, you learn about the processes of transformation, through which regeneration occurs.


Scorpio Strengths and Weaknesses


Scorpio rules the alchemical processes governing the transformation of a substance from one thing to the next. Just as heat transforms water to steam, so Scorpio rules those experiences whereby metamorphoses occur. One of your greatest strengths is the ability to understand how what transformation requires.

Matters of life, death, sexuality, intimacy, destruction, renewal and regeneration are governed by your sign. Scorpio rules the hidden forces which shape and rebuild life. Your journey will teach you what metamorphosis means. As you develop psychological depth you gain the ability to perceive the most subtle influences and see how these shape future outcomes.

Scorpio is associated with Power and the mysteries of Life. It relates to depth psychology, forensics, criminology, the urge for domination and any arena pertaining to hidden forces, which includes magic and the occult. Born with a Scorpio personality, you may find you have an innate affinity for any (or all) of these things. You may be fascinated by the “darker” aspects of the psyche and what makes people tick.  You can do well in any career that allows you to capitalize on your understanding of human behaviour.

Scorpio is also associated with privacy and secrets. You may be secretive by nature, and feel the need to protect your own space. You intuitively know that personal information could make you vulnerable. So you keep certain matters to yourself, preferring to ‘play your cards close to your chest’.

Even the most extroverted amongst you will be careful about what you reveal. Because you know the value of a secret, you will respect others’ privacy as well. You can be trusted with a secret, and may become “the vault”. You can become the “recipient” of other people’s secrets. Friends know you can be relied on to keep certain information to yourself. Others may trust you with matters they would not tell anyone else.

This is a major opportunity. By treating secrets with the respect they deserve, you demonstrate integrity. By helping others deal with the sometimes painful truth about a situation they are in, you let them see whatever is holding them back. In so doing, you perform a great service – helping others to transform and heal. Whilst your journey can make you privy to others pain, by facing it honestly you also become the catalyst for growth.

On a different level, Scorpio is a financial and resource-driven sign. Some of you may be especially adept at creating transformation through wealth management. You may be most astute when it comes to making important decisions around the management of other people’s resources.  Accordingly, your sign is associated with stocks, bonds, investments, business management and financial planning, as well as lobbying, politics, and all kinds of strategic thinking.

With the Scorpio personality you may find you have a flair for dealing with high-risk situations that require forethought and a patient approach. Because your personality is drawn toward understanding the nature of power, you thrive when given the opportunity to wield power, or be close to its source.

As a natural strategist, you are likely to enjoy anything that requires you to move (undetected where possible) toward a desired outcome. You excel at taking calculated steps to ultimately seize an opportunity – at just the right time. In learning how power generates material growth, you access some of your most important intuitive and strategic skills


The Scorpio Personality


Born with a Scorpio Sun or Star sign, insight and honesty are the gifts that you bring. Your willingness to help others transform will in turn affect the quality of life that you lead.

Your love of connection is your greatest asset. More than anything you want to feel the intensity of a deep bond with someone else. By having the capacity to be honest with yourself, and confront the less desirable aspects of who you are, you create the opportunity for others to be honest with you in return.

You must learn to risk emotional vulnerability so that you can find the power in mutual support.

The challenge you face is letting go of what is no longer required. You more than anyone know that nothing is forever. All you can rely on is the constant tide of change. Creating stability is essential for your growth but only half the story. Your greatest triumph comes from discovering how to create enduring structures or relationships that allow for constant growth. At the end of the day, true power is found in the ability to let go.

You can learn much about timing and release from your opposite sign Taurus. Those born with the Sun in Taurus (or Taurus Star Sign) are learning to achieve very similar things to you. Scorpio and Taurus represent the polarity of Accumulation and Transformation. Both Zodiac signs are on a journey to find strength through the proper management of resources. In fact, when you integrate more Taurean characteristics into your personality, great progress can occur.

On the one hand, Taurus brings a calm and stable quality that can be grounding for you. You need to learn to overcome the intensity of your emotions and desires, finding a place within yourself that focusses less attention on what you want, and more on what you have.

You are also learning how to create practical outcomes based on realistic concerns. Whilst you are probably great at strategic thinking you may need to link some of your feelings with actual outcomes. Grounding yourself is a challenge you should not ignore.

Like Taurus, you need to learn to relinquish your attachment to material needs, and the emotional response that “having things” brings. You may connect possessions with the ability to exercise power and control. The Scorpio personality is based on overcoming attachment and desire. You find the true value of material security by learning how to transform it. 

Desire is, after all, nothing more than a fleeting emotional attachment to a temporary experience. Ultimately, the journey for the Scorpio personality is about knowing what to hold on to, and what to let go of, so that equilibrium is restored.

In time, you will learn that your greatest security comes from the strength of your personality. Self-worth cannot be based on what you have accumulated. Your emotional stability, or lack thereof, is only a reflection of your attachment to desire.

Your deepest insights come about through realizing that nothing is permanent, and that you are at times just a catalyst here to trigger change. When you accept that change is the only constant in life you find your power and learn the secret of how to transform.

At the end of the day, the success of your journey could be measured in terms of how honest you are in terms of confronting truths, then taking the necessary action to transform whatever must be redeemed. Honesty is important, and will be a recurring theme throughout your life.

With the Scorpio personality, crises may appear which force you to face the truth about who you are and what you need. When you act from a place of detached benevolence, you free yourself from any self-serving motivations that could pull you down. In time, you become an agent of change by letting go of any attachment to the outcome. The ease with which you do this, however, will depend upon the choices that you make.  Let integrity and truth be your internal compass and you will choose the best outcome in the end.

  Scorpio: Journey to the Centre of Desire

The strengths and talents of Scorpio Sun/Star sign


Born with the Sun in Scorpio, your journey is likely to involve learning through transformation and change. You are here to experience power and see how power operates through life.

To Desire:

1. Strongly wish for or want (something)

2. want (someone) sexually

Sun in Scorpio people are motivated by the need to:

  • Form close bonds
  • Experience intimacy through relationship
  • Develop strength through crisis
  • Embody transformation
  • Understand power
  • Wield influence
  • Bring light into the darkness
  • Overcome desire

Scorpio is a Fixed sign which means it is motivated to sustain. Scorpio’s element is Water which brings a focus to the emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of life

Go here for a detailed description of the characteristics and traits of Scorpio Star Sign


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