Zodiac Strengths: Your Leo Personality

the strengths and characteristics of the Leo sun or star sign. Leo personality explained

Leo personality and strengths

Explore the meaning and characteristics of your Leo personality. The strengths and talents of Leo Sun / Star sign.

If you were born with the Sun in Leo, strength comes from expressing your creativity. Because your Sun sign symbolizes core motives, you are likely to be driven by a need for fun, the search for passion and desire for self-expression.

You may also have a strong urge to lead or organize others. Your journey is about recognising the spark of individuality that dwells within you, then doing whatever it is you love. To fulfill your journey as a Leo, courage is required.

Leo represents the spark of light and individuality that makes each of us unique. It brings the passion needed to pursue a project, or the energy required to create something new into. With a Leo star sign you need to listen to what your heart is saying, giving it the attention it deserves.

A sense of purpose will come as you recognize this spark, then express it somehow. The qualities of your Leo personality are symbolically represented by the Sun. As a “solar” person, you may be noted for qualities such as radiance, confidence and charisma. Passion flows freely whenever you are doing what you love.

Whether you create through art, in business, around the home or through your family (i.e. children), you need to find a vehicle through which your creative essence be expressed and unfold.


Leo Strengths and Weaknesses


Finding your passion is a calling you cannot ignore.  The best aspects of your Leo personality will come to the fore when you listen to your heart. Yet learning to harness instead of being ruled by passion is a skill you must develop. When young, this can make you demanding, dramatic and ruthless about getting what you want. You can feel entitled to having whatever you desire, and will go about getting it  – regardless of the consequence.  Your strength is knowing what you want, but it can also be your curse. You may expect to be given every opportunity, and have trouble seeing other point of view. You may be selfish and egocentric – truly interested only in yourself.

Self-interest will in the end lead to disappointment. Passion is only useful when constructively applied. Your journey requires you to understand the nature of passion in all its forms. Passion is a spark of creativity that helps you thrive but – just like a fire – it needs to be contained. By linking passion and purpose together you will find the solutions  you seek. As you learn to direct your passion you will find goals that are life-enhancing. When you do what you love with a sense of purpose you can create benefits for yourself as well as the people in your life.

In some ways, you have a special job to do. Your task is to discover what you love and share this unreservedly with the world. This must be based on who you really are, not what you think others want you to be. Authenticity comes from following your passion, rather than trying to impress others or conform to a predetermined path.

Recognition is important for you. When others value your efforts, confidence can increase. Yet confidence is not a given. It is something that must be earned.

You are learning how to have confidence in yourself. Whilst you may have doubts from time to time, you must nonetheless overcome insecurities so you discover how to shine.  For a Leo personality, the journey is ultimately toward self-love. You can be at your best when you let go of the need for accolades.

To do this, you must stop seeking recognition outside yourself, and find it within. You need to develop your own unique talents and gifts, discovering the value of what you have to offer without demanding approval. Your own inner compass should be the barometer against which success is measured. Self-approval comes from experiencing a sense of pride. You need to understand authenticity in order to appreciate who you really are.

Some born with the Leo personality may hide deep insecurities behind an apparently outgoing exterior. Or hide from the spotlight because they do not want to “expose” themselves. But you must find the confidence to be yourself, and share your gifts with others. From confidence comes joy yet how easily, or even if, this is accomplished this will depend on the choices that you make.

Because the Sun is the central organizing principle within the solar system, so to you will experience yourself as being ‘at the the centre of things’. Consequently, you can feel the need to organize. You tend to look at the world from a central perspective, and see yourself as the focal point for everything.

Because in your view you are pivotal, you may feel entitled to lead. Leadership is a special quality of the Leo personality, and others will look to you for cohesiveness and great ideas. Over time, you will learn to accept this role with humility and good grace. Every group needs a good leader, and you recognize it might as well be you

At your best, you inspire others with your generosity, warmth and strength. You excel when encouraging others to be the best that they can be. Your life path is one of leadership through example. You can teach others how to find the confidence to be themselves while sharing their unique point of view.

Romance is another major area of focus for you. The excitement and intensity of romance helps you feel alive. Because of the heart-felt qualities of your sign, you may be happiest when the thrill of romance is lighting up your life. You can be a warm and expressive lover. You will need the same in return. Through romantic gestures, you keep your spirits high.

But experiencing love and affection must, of course, be two-way. You cannot hope to burn brightly if you think only of what you can gain. You should ask yourself if you are secretly just expecting to receive, or have you recognised that true relationship means sharing centre-stage, and often putting the other persons’ needs before your own? Love affairs become the catalyst for personal growth as they teach you to be more inclusive and less self-oriented.

In full swing, you have the right combination of purpose, creativity and sociability to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Self-assuredness and fresh ideas come easily. You may have an innate expectation that life “wants” to help you, and because of this have a knack for attracting good things. Because benefits flow to you easily, you may even take for granted all the luck that comes along.

You are happy to enjoy the rewards given to you without stopping to question why. Yet ultimately you must learn to share the spotlight with others, allowing them the same opportunity and influence you expect for yourself.  Your journey is not to just enjoy life, but to enrich others. You are here to help them find the same level of joy and creativity in their lives.

Unless other chart factors or environmental circumstances hinder you, you will find success comes from following your heart and sharing what you feel.  With the Leo personality, living your passion – then helping others do the same  – is a test of your integrity, and a sign that you are on the right path.

A sense of purpose comes from following your heart. As your path unfolds, you must learn to share, and to feel proud of yourself. The characteristics of your Leo personality mean you will find authenticity from leading others and doing what you love.

Yet this is only half of the story. Your greatest triumph will come from understanding that nothing worthwhile is accomplished if you have to do it on your own. At the end of the day, the true value of being creative is having the ability to generate outcomes that benefit others as well.

You can learn much about balance and compromise from your opposite sign Aquarius. Those born with the Sun in Aquarius (or Aquarius Star sign) are learning to achieve very similar things to you. Leo and Aquarius represent the polarity of Individual versus Collective Expression. Both signs are on a journey to find strength through uplifting others. In fact, when you integrate more Aquarian characteristics into your Leo personality, great progress can occur.

In the end, the success of your journey will be measured in terms of your ability to share the fruits of your labours and the accolades that come. As you express your creativity you remind others of the value of fun. With the Leo personality, creating outcomes that benefit others is a sign of real strength.


The Leo Personality


Born with a Leo Sun or Star sign, you are gifted with warmth, creativity and the ability to shine. You are likely to be equipped with easygoing qualities as confidence, good humour and a generosity of spirit that make you fun to be around.

Because of your innate sense of being at the centre of everything, you are ideally suited to organizing others and taking the lead. Yet stepping into this role requires you to confront and eventually vanquish the deeper insecurities you carry inside.

You are likely to be a highly creative and self-expressive individual, and when you take the time to understand and develop your capacities – instead of expecting others to recognize and approve of them – you will learn to appreciate yourself. Then you can step into the limelight as the moment requires without demanding attention, recognition and applause.

Leo is generally a fun-loving, warm and passionate sign, concerned with romance, loyalty, love, affection and generosity to all . In many ways you are likely to stay a child at heart. You have a sense of fun about you that will keep you “forever young”. Learn to lead from the centre of who you are, and not from the parts of you that crave recognition. Then you will take up your rightful place as a bright and joyful spark at the centre of your own and others’ lives.


Leo: A Journey to the Centre of Self-Expression

the strengths and characteristics of the leo sun or star sign. Leo personality explained


If you were born under the sign of Leo, your task here on Earth is to shine. You are likely to be gifted with qualities such as confidence, warmth, good humour and a generosity of spirit that make you easy to be around.

To Create:

– bring (something) into existence,  cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions

– (of an actor) originate (a role) by playing a character for the first time.

– invest (someone) with a new rank or title :

Sun in Leo people are motivated by the need to:

  • Find the fun in life
  • Learn what they are good at
  • Express themselves
  • Explore creativity
  • Organise others
  • Become leaders
  • follow their passion and follow their hearts

Leo is a Fixed sign which means it is motivated to sustain – Leo’s element is Fire, which involves self-expression, passion, creativity and joy

Go here for a detailed description of the characteristics and traits of Leo Star Sign


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