Astrology Consultations

An astrological consultation is your chance to talk about you!

More than just charting your future, exploring your birth chart is an excellent way to explore what motivates you, and why.

You will learn more about yourself, and how to make the most of your opportunities. You can ask specific questions, or get an insight into your year ahead.

Best of all, an astrology session puts you in “the driver’s seat”, helping you reach your full potential!


Choose a consultation that is right for you.

Meet Your Astrologer

Find out more about Damian Rocks and his online astrology courses

Astrology Consultation – Introduction & Update
$ 165
Deluxe Astrology Consultation
$ 245
30 Min Astrology Consultation
$ 110
Couples Astrology Consultation
$ 220
Astrology & Wellbeing Consultation
Children’s Astrology Chart
$ 300
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