Venus and Relationships

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Sensuality & Relationship

Your Venus sign describes several key aspects of your personality.

On the one hand, it represents your sense of aesthetics and experience of pleasure. On the other it describes your relationship style.

From a psychological perspective, the placement of Venus in your birth chart governs what you are attracted to as well as how you establish rapport with others.


By combining the qualities of your Venus sign and house you can build a detailed picture of what you need from your relationships and what gives you a sense of comfort or self-worth


Put simply, your Venus Sign and House (the term “house refers to the area of your chart in which a planet is located) shows shows what delights you, how you find pleasure in life, and the ways you interact with others.

The Meaning of Venus in Your Birth Chart

Venus symbolizes that which brings you joy.

When you understand the placement of Venus in your astrology chart you will find satisfaction. Happiness comes from understanding what brings you pleasure and so gives you a sense of peace.

Astrology is concerned with how the hidden patterns which structure our cosmos are also reflected in the structure of the mind.

The reason that planets are symbolically given psychological qualities is because they mirror these patterns to us, therefore making them concrete and predictable. 


Venus in Your Birth Chart

The Characteristics of Venus

If Venus is strong in your chart you may be noted for your beauty, creativity, grace or charm.

You may have a talent for appreciation the quality of things, or a strong sensual streak. You may be especially charming and great at keeping the peace. You may also be somewhat lazy, as you will prefer comfort over hardship or discipline.

Venus is often strong in the horoscopes of people known for conventional beauty, as well as any profession involving creative expression, body work, or pronounced relationship-building skills.

Depending upon its position in your chart, your Venus sign can also suggest a propensity toward indulgence and greed, to being flirtatious or seductive, as well as to being manipulative through charm.

Venus’ Psycho- Emotional Themes

– The power to attract

– Our social interface

– Self worth

– Material perception

– Sensuality and sexuality

– Relationships

– Balance, harmony, proportion

– Manners and protocol


Your Venus Story reveals how you experience pleasure and find satisfaction.

The Venus Principle: Leads to the transformation of your values and ways of relating.

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It’s really important to know that whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon Sign shows what you already are.

We can think of The Moon therefore as the support actor, for she is the one who fills out the script and makes it realistic and believable. Equally as important in terms of your overall personality, together the Sun and Moon combine to drive much of your unique personality.

The Moon describes your usual responses, the bottom-line position to which you fall back as you make your way through the world. It is most common for us to behave more like our Moon sign when we are young, and then as we grow the strengths of our Sun sign start to emerge


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