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Your Scorpio 2020 Forecast


A communicative tone starts the year for you. With philosophical insights virtually falling from your lips, you may find yourself a fountain of wisdom, offering pearls of awareness to those smart enough to listen.

With most of the planetary focus this year in Cardinal and Earth signs, you have the ability to take an eagle-eye’s view on it all, rising above the fray to offer commentary from an elevated perspective.

From here, it is even easier to notice others faults. January’s Cancer Full Moon and eclipse on the weekend of 10th also features a rare Saturn/Pluto alignment that will give you the chance to show how evolved you actually are.

Speaking your truth is your destiny, as well as your birthright.  But cutting others down just because you can is a habit you really must give up. The first half of the year begs you to consider the things you do or not say to those who really need it.

Your ruler Mars hits Aries from July and spends the rest of 2020 here – in its other sign. This can be a big bonus for you if well prepared, or a source of endless frustrations if not. Whilst you may not encounter direct conflict under this influence, it will nonetheless test either your courage or committment to a cause.]

Mercury will again retrograde in your sign in 2020. The last time it did this was late 2019, when lots of uncomfortable truths were exposed. Think back to November 2019 for clues on what this all means for you.

2020 is about transforming the ways you relate to others – starting with the things you say. Saturn has you on a learning curve, and some of you would be well advised to start studying something new. In the end it’s all about being ready, with 2020 offering you the chance to skill up in terms of what you know


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