KEYWORDS: Harvest your Fruits

Scorpio 2018 Forecast

Hopefully, there is much to be happy about for you this year. Important long term goals are firmly within your grasp and you seem to have a clear handle on what is needed to proceed. A few years back you really got your mojo on. Now with Jupiter in your sign, 2018 looks great for you to capitalise on all you have set up for yourself. With stressful energies focussed elsewhere, not to mention having Jupiter in your sign, you can proceed this year with confidence and class, knowing the cosmos is on your side.

To start the year, Jupiter brings imagination and intuitive insight. Trust in the spirit of adventure and be prepared to open new philosophical, educational or spiritual doors. There is much to be gained from flexing your visionary muscles, so allow yourself to dream. Importantly, Saturn brings it back to basics which will help you keep your feet on the ground. Material realities demand attention now and you are well equipped to sort the wheat from chaff. Pay debts, consolidate resources and have a plan for wealth creation. You have until early November to make hay whilst the sun shines

A word of warning might be needed however for those of you overly attached to the status quo. From May this year Uranus enters Taurus and so will oppose your sign. This begins a 7 year process or renewal through sudden change. Expect out of the blue events which throw a whole new perspective on your life. Scorpios born October 22-24 are most likely to feel the influence but change can be expected for any of your tribe. Be prepared to explore the unconventional. Creativity is born from what must first be excised……Google the birth of Venus- this myth is resonant for your sign.

Your theme this year is all about abundance, and what to do when it comes to harvest time.

Your 2018 Forecast

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