KEYWORDS: Harvest your Fruits

Scorpio Rising & Sun in Scorpio

Hopefully, there is much to be happy about for you right now. Important long term goals are firmly within your grasp and you seem to have a clear handle on what you need to proceed. A few years back you really got your mojo on. 2019 is looking good for building on resolution or decisions made then. With most of the stressful energies focussed on other signs, you can step forward with confidence and class. A time to build on personal resources, 2019 can help you get in front by first dealing with any obstacles that currently hold you back

To start the year, Jupiter brings imagination and intuitive insight. Trust in the spirit of adventure and be prepared to open philosophical or spiritual doors. There is much to be gained from flexing your visionary muscles, so allow yourself to daydream. Importantly, Saturn brings it back to basics by turning your attention to practical matters. This keeps you very real somehow. You simply don’t have time to get too esoteric. Material necessities demand attention now. The financial aspects of your life are in view for the whole year ahead and ideally you can profit from well trodden paths you have already laid down. 


Your theme this year is embracing abundance through acting on intuitive hunches.

Your 2019 Forecast

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