The Sun in the Seventh House

seventh solar house

The Seventh House

The Seventh Solar House

The 7th house is the arena of partnership and relationship.

With the Sun in the seventh house you are likely to be motivated by the need to experience fairness and equality in all your relationships. You may feel driven to partner with others and express yourself objectively. You could seek career outcomes that involve partnership, public interaction or one-to-one dynamics. You are likely to be driven by a need to be with people, and will be challenged to learn to be fair, decisive and self-assertive. In time, you develop the ability to offer wise counsel, demonstrate objectivity and teach others to create win-win situations.

The Seventh House, therefore, symbolically represents the necessity of relationship, and how these are formed through negotiation and compromise. This house relates to the notion of ‘The Other’, describing how we see the people in our lives, and so develop bonds. In many ways, important relationships are a reflection of ourselves. We experience anyone separate from us as ‘Other’, then make decisions about who they are based on what we perceive them to be. If we feel an affinity, we will be open to relationship on some level. If we feel they have something we desire and lack, we will open up. But if we feel no connection, they will seem separate from, and therefore unrelated, to ourselves. The Seventh House therefore also describes psychological qualities we project outward, and therefore believe to be in others but perhaps not in ourselves. If you are born with the Sun in the Seventh House, exploring the intricacies of relationship is paramount. 

Accordingly, you get a clearer sense of Self through your personal interactions. Awareness comes through feedback, and you find your true identity in the mirror of relationship. For this reason, forming partnerships of all kinds is essential for your growth. The primary relationship is likely to be the one you form with a significant Other, meaning spouse or lovers, but partnership also includes anyone you form a close bond with. With the Sun is here, there is much to learn from the quality of your relationships. The way you go about building connections will dictate the kinds of life lessons you need to have.

solar houseBorn with the Sun in the 7th house, you are gifted with the ability to create balanced and mutually rewarding relationships. But to do this, you must first overcome the tendency to seek others attention and approval. When the Sun is placed here, you may believe you are who others tell you to be, and not sure of yourself. You may create relationships to fill a void but find yourself endlessly compromising, and so unhappy. To have the kinds of relationship you need, you must develop your relationship with yourself. Over time, you learn to value your innate objectivity and desire for justice. You then take steps to maintain peace and harmony. You have the capacity to bring perspective to others lives, and help them create win-win outcomes. By valuing your own passion for equality, you will know when to keep the peace and when to take action so that important principles are upheld.


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