Damian Rocks

Damian Rocks

Principal, DPTA

About Your Teacher

Damian Rocks is one of Australia’s leading astrologers. A professional astrologer since 2005, Damian offers online classes to students around the world. He holds a Masters in Cultural Astronomy/Astrology from Bath Spa University England and an FAA Diploma in Astrology. He has been teaching students for many years, presenting workshops and seminars all over the world. To learn more about Damian go here

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Our Diploma in Predictive and Therapeutic Astrology is the first of its kind IN THE WORLD. Combining traditional methods with modern psychological and therapeutic techniques,  we offer a unique syllabus which incorporates predictive astrology with client-centred skills.

You will discover how to make accurate predictions based on present circumstances, then learn client-centred communication skills to help you be the best astrologer you can be.


  • Access to extensive learning resources,
  • A wealth of reading material,
  • High-level student support
  • Video recordings of each class 
  • The opportunity to work closely with expert, professional astrologers on a one-one basis

Study at your own pace and join us for class discussions

Classes are taught LIVE online and are available as recorded sessions shortly after.

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