Zodiac Strengths: Your Libra Personality

The strengths and characteristics of the Libra sun or star sign. Libra personality explained

Libra Personality and Strengths

Explore the meaning and characteristics of your Libra personality. The strengths and talents of Libra Sun/Star sign.

If you were born with the Libran personality then strength will grow from your ability to find balance and achieve compromise. Through the learning opportunities inherent within relationship, you develop the interpersonal skills required to grow.

Because your Sun sign symbolizes core motives, you are likely to be driven by an urge to create balance.  You will seek the greatest level of equilibrium you can. Your tendency is to continually assess the various options in any situation, striving to fid the best outcome. This means life will provide you with a constant series of choices.

Libra is an Air sign. The Air element governs the capacity for social interaction, providing the principles which lead to civilised behaviour. Therefore you are likely to be very aware of the impact you have on others, motivated by a need to be both objective and fair.

You are on a journey toward greater degrees of harmony in your life as you master your understanding of the protocols which underpin relationships.

Libra is also Cardinal in temperament, which gives a dynamic quality to your sign. You need to take action based on principles of fairness, justice and equality. You cannot afford to deliberate too long, or “sit on the fence”. If you are born with the Libran personality, decisiveness is required.

Your journey is first and foremost about balance. You are learning to recognize what it takes to create a workable compromise. For this reason, you are likely to find that your interaction with others is especially important. You will find your strengths, and know your challenges, through the quality of relationships you keep.

Libra rules the experience of partnership in its’ myriad forms. With a Libra personality, you are learning what it takes to collaborate effectively with others. You will find that many of your life lessons involve interaction. You will see yourself most clearly in the reflection others provide.

In situations where diplomacy, tact and consideration are required, your best qualities can shine. Your are discovering how to work with others, whilst also maintaining a clear sense of self. Your Libra personality gives you an extra dose of social awareness and charm that will help you build connections.

You will find others like you, because it is easy for you to be the person they expect you to be. This however can be a slippery slope. You must guard against a tendency to “people-please” – doing what others want you to do as a way of being included.

Your strength actually comes from knowing your own mind, then finding a way to communicate that. You are learning what it means to be independent within the context of relationships. This is not a solo journey for you, and you will find that you are at your best when working with others, collaborating on some mutually rewarding outcome.

However, you do not tend to make your mind up quickly. You need the freedom to deliberate. You like to act when you have a clear outcome in mind, but until that is achieved prefer to wait. Deliberation can be a source of great wisdom, but  can also be one of the biggest obstacles for you to overcome.

As you progress through life you will find that you are becoming a decision-making specialist. The trouble is, you probably have to learn this through the experience of being indecisive – therefore learning over time how to consciously choose.

To achieve this, you will find that first you must develop the ability to be honest with yourself before you can effectively partner with others. Authenticity comes from your ability to be decisive, rather than going along with whatever others want.

As you learn to exercise your decision-making abilities, you will recognize your talent for finding solutions based on logic and fairmindedness. From here, your confidence can grow.

You are also learning how to offer wise counsel. As you become more certain of your choices you gain in terms of wisdom. Others may turn to you for advice because you are adept at evaluating what is objective and fair.

Ultimately, your life path is one of balance and compromise, learning how to create win-win outcomes through collaboration. This is not always easy, and is designed to test your ability to be both partnership-oriented and independent at the same time.


Libra Strengths and Weaknesses


The Libra personality is built on a capacity to employ reason in finding the most equitable outcome. At your best, you will have an almost laser-like ability to survey potential outcomes and find the middle ground. You can excel in any area of life that focusses on relationship-building, creating equality, upholding justice or providing an outlet for your keen sense of harmony, proportion and balance.

Your Libra personality means you will feel a fundamental need to be fair. Justice is likely to be important to you, and you will want to do what is right.  You need to find the balance between asserting your own needs and taking into account what others want as well.

Life will present you with innumerable opportunities to choose. To you, this can at first seem overwhelming. You might find yourself indecisive, and may struggle with making up your mind. Because you are always aware of conflicting points of view you may have a hard time making your mind up. But decide you must.

You can easily see a situation from someone else’s point of view. Yet you may find one of your greatest challenges is in taking action when a decision is required. You need to develop the ability to move toward a resolution – without trying to please others or wait for someone else to tell you what to do.

What is more, you may be somewhat of an idealist. You hold principles high, and will seek to find the optimal outcome wherever possible. Because of your objectivity, you can see any given situation from its’ multiple perspectives. Yet precisely because you can see all the potential outcomes, you may find yourself paralysed when it comes to making a choice.

You may notice discord around what your head says and your heart feels. You will probably try to base your decisions on logic, rather than emotional concerns. You have a great ability to detach from feelings and look at situations from an elevated point of view.  Your Libran personality means you will probably prefer reason over impulse, and will act from fact as opposed to feeling.

Peaceable by nature, you prefer maintaining harmony within your social circles and connections. Whilst avoiding emotional entanglements does allow for greater detachment, it is also important to recognize the role that feelings play in the decision-making process.

Born with a Libra Sun or Star Sign, your path requires you to decide after considering all the facts. To do this most effectively, you must also acknowledge the importance of emotion in evaluating what is “ideal”, but base your decisions first and foremost on the principle concerned.

For example, you may struggle telling others what you prefer. Even though you know in your heart of hearts what you want to do, you may feel reticent about saying anything. You are not entirely sure how others feel.

Instead of trying to appeal to what you think others want, you need to remember that all mutual decisions require a degree of compromise. If you clearly state what your preference is, and remember that this is only one point of view, then you create the space for dialogue. In exchanging information, the principle of equity is upheld. You are fair to yourself as well as the others involved by putting all potential options out on the table.   

You may need to learn to be more assertive. Consequently, you can continually find yourself caught up in challenging situations which in some sense “force” you to choose. You are a natural peace-maker, and will tend to avoid conflict wherever possible. Yet somehow, conflicting situations can seem to follow you around.

Upon closer examination, you may discover that there is a link between your level of indecisiveness and your tendency to attract drama into your life. You need to “give yourself permission” to openly state your preferences and ask for what you want. Then you will find conflict is less likely to manifest, and peace can prevail.

Ultimately, when you know what you want, you must make moves toward implementation. In being assertive, you take a stance. This is essential for building self-worth. Your greatest challenge in fact comes from recognizing that in order to become a decision-making specialist you must assert yourself – perhaps even risk unpopularity – if this means justice is served.

Over time, you will will see that facing conflict is also an opportunity to exercise discernment. When you observe yourself in action you will know the real value of your inherent degree of reason and objectivity.

Above all else, remain focussed on the principle at stake, rather than the personalities involved. Then you will learn to master your domain.


The Libra Personality


With a Libra Sun or Star Sign, you must also learn to find balance by being assertive. You tend to rely heavily on keeping the peace, and so can inadvertently become more concerned with being popular than being right. A sense of purpose with come from taking action to uphold principles of fairness, justice and equality.

Libra is also associated with principles of harmony, proportion and balance. Many of you will have an innate sense of design and style that can be employed to a variety of ends. You could have a strong sense of design, and a natural ability to relate, blend, coordinate or connect

Libra is a sign of sophistication, and you may have a refined aesthetic sense. Balance is important, and you are likely to prefer clothing, spaces and furnishings that are well matched. You may also have a need for order in your life. Chaotic environments or coarse individuals can ‘put you on edge’. You may find it hard to think clearly amidst disorder, and will probably gravitate toward civilized people and situations that reflect back to you your own sense of taste.

Partnerships are essential for your growth but only half the story. Your greatest triumph comes from discovering how to create independence within the context of relationship. At the end of the day, true equality is about all sides being able to express their wants and needs. Then resolution can be found based on what fairest for those involved.

You can learn much about assertiveness and independence from your opposite sign Aries. Those born with the Sun in Aries (or Aries Star sign) are learning to achieve very similar outcomes to you. Aries and Libra represent the astrological polarity of Self and Other. Both signs are on a journey to find harmony through right action. When you integrate more Arian characteristics into your personality, greater progress can occur.

Courage and acting upon intuition offers the counter-balance to your typically analytical frame of mind. Through blending logic with feeling, you gain perspective. Because the success of your journey is measured by the quality of relationships in your life, and the solutions you have forged together,  you need to know what you want.

If you only rely on compromise at your own expense, you lose sight. But when you link principle with action, then a sense of justice and authenticity will unfold. You find yourself able to make complex decisions from a dispassionate place of observation – upholding the optimal outcome for all involved.

In the end, your happiness can be measured in terms of your ability to combine independence of thought with considered action. Born with a Libra personality, reminding others of what is fair enhances understanding and is a mark of real strength.

In many ways, the  success of your journey will reflect the degree of balance your life. The ease with which this happens this will depend, of course, upon the choices that you make. If you are born a Libra Sun or Star Sign, taking a stance around principles of fairness, justice and balance is a mark of true maturity, and a sign that you are fulfilling your potential.

  Libra: Journey to the Centre of Balance

Libra sun or star sign. - Libra personality explained


When the Sun is found in Libra, a special balancing act occurs. You are gifted with a clear head for analysis, and the social charm that can make you both popular and well-respected.

To Balance:

  1. Counteract, equal, or neutralize the weight or importance of : he balanced his radical remarks with more familiar declarations.
  2. Establish equal or appropriate proportions of elements in : balancing work and family life.


Sun in Libra people are motivated by the need to:

  • Connect and know
  • Experience change and variety
  • Consider all perspectives
  • Analyse data, turning the abstract into fact
  • Seek stimulation
  • Communicate or share information

Libra is a Cardinal sign, which means it is motivated by a need to act. Libra’s element is Air which involves a focus on ideas, information, social norms and relationship.

Go here for a detailed description of the characteristics and traits of Libra Star Sign


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