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Make Your Own Astrology Chart


It’s really easy to create your own birth chart. This simple and yet utterly mysterious map can guide you through the course of your life. 

By taking the time to create your own astrology chart you are giving yourself an edge that can help you navigate life’s many challenges!

All you need to create your own birth chart is an online connection and then to follow these 5 simple steps

We’ve created a short video which shows you how to create your own astrology chart

To start, watch this video to see how simple making your own astrology chart can be

Then navigate to (another excellent astrology site) and follow the 5 simple steps

Once you’ve done this, keep reading to find out how your astrology chart can help you



5 simple steps to make your own astrology chart



What is a birth or astrology chart?

A birth or astrology chart is the astrological map created for your birth.

Another term you may have heard for this chart is a natal chart

Either is correct, and refers to the unique chart that is created for you when you are born.

Your birth chart is a map of the heaven’s, relative to the time and place that you were born.

it shows where all the planets in our solar system were relative TO YOU at that moment, and is a an amazing tool that you can refer back to at any time.

This map shows areas of potential strength and opportunity, as well as areas of possible weakness and challenge. It describes the qualities that are likely to be prominent in your personality, and when certain key events are likely to unfold

It does not say who you WILL become, or what will happen to you in life. Rather, it shows pattern and influence. What ends up happening depends on the choices you make, as well as the external influences in your life

Your birth chart is nonetheless a powerful tool which can show how things are likely to unfold for you through time, as well as what is happening at the moment.

This is how astrologers make predictions. We compare the patterns shown in your birth chart with the present position of the planets in the sky to identify when important themes will be activated in your life story.

As a quick example, we can use your birth chart to understand what kind of career you are likely to be suited to. There is a specific point in your chart which symbolically shows what you will probably aspire to become.

We can also use this point to predict with a good degree of accuracy when career opportunities or challenges will occur for you.

As planets orbit the Sun, they move across the backdrop of the Zodiac. Another way of saying this is that planets “transit” through the Zodiac. When a major planet moves into the same degree of the Zodiac as your career point (for example) significant changes are likely to occur.

What’s important to remember is that the planets do not make you do anything. You always have free choice. But as you continue to study astrology you will see there is often a synchronous correlation between life events and their placement in the sky relative to your birth chart

The incredible thing about astrology is it reveals to us a connected pattern or intelligence which organizes our Universe. The deeper you go the closer you feel to a sense of some overarching meaning behind everything – or what some people call God.

if you want to know more about how this works we have a created a short video for you here

Your birth chart is an incredible tool that can help you make the most of your opportunities.

So take the time to make yours now, and if you would like a professional interpretation please contact us to order your consultation.

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