Deluxe Astrology Consultation

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This is the complete astrological experience.

Explore the unique map of your personality, what is happening for you, and why.

Identify your core strengths and opportunities.

Look at your challenges from an astrological point of view.

Plus learn about the cycles that will be influencing you through the next 12-18 months.

A comprehensive and detailed look at the planetary influences working in your life.

Includes your astrology chart, detailed session notes and a digital recording.

Allow 90 mins

Available in person, or via Skype

5 reviews for Deluxe Astrology Consultation

  1. Mario

    It was a great experience and I got more answers to what I was actually after. So I couldn’t of asked for a better reading.
    Can’t believe you are able to get so much info just from astrology truly amazing.

    I’m sure to come back to see you.

    Cheers Mario

  2. Maria

    Hi Damian. I can see where your name comes from. You really do rock! Firstly, indeed I do feel totally energised after the marathon session. I immediately went for a massage. I plan to get the book tomorrow and shall commit to affirmations every day!
    Secondly, you surprise me by suggesting a ‘strange twist ‘. Surely you of all people know there are no such things!! Obviously you were meant to hear from your friend just as I was leaving.
    Finally , in the spirit of your advice of my need to help and nurture the people around me, I’d like to offer you words of encouragement and support. I suspect you don’t often get “performance reviews” ( you just cant take the girl out of corporate) and so I’d like to give you some feedback:
    You are professional and obviously technically competent at your craft.
    You were kind to give me so much extra time which I know was out if the ordinary. You obviously practice what you preach and have a genuine interest in people. Your honesty gave me a sense of trust ( even though it hurt like hell) . Your conduct overall actually illustrated a genuine interest in people – giving me a ‘model’ from which to conduct myself. I cant thank you enough . I certainly will recommend you to many friends and colleagues!
    With heart felt thanks,

  3. Erika (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed my reading with Damian. He was great at mirroring what is going on in my life, helping me make sense of it all, pulling my ear a bit where needed, and helping me realize I’m on the right path and my intuition was right…but I wasn’t listening to it!!! After the reading, i felt an inmense relief, as if through Damian, the Universe was giving me permission to live and reminding me it was I who wasn’t giving myself permission.

    Totally changed my worrysome perspective at the time, and now ready to face/build/manifest what’s coming, and learn to be at ease with my monkey mind… THANKS DAMIAN!

  4. Marg James

    Hi Damian,

    I wanted to say an even bigger thank you for your time yesterday, after processing it further overnight!

    It was so enlightening and amazing how astrology maps out our course/path in life from time of birth, simply awesome!! It was comforting to hear you “sum me up” and encourage me to move forward in such a positive way.

    After your insights I am so looking forward to 2019!!! Yayyyyy……….bring it on 😀

    By the way I got home, had no trouble down loading my folder via Dropbox. Lovely to listen to you again and me NOT…hahah 🙂 🙂 !!

  5. Nelly (verified owner)

    Wonderful reading by Damian – I gained so much clarity from wondering why I am like this to the a-ha moment “no wonder”. Damian has the communication styles which are extremely clear, compassionate and ability to show you a complete new perspective. Instead of seeing certain aspects/events as problems, they turn out to be gifts. Thank you Damian :).

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