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The Age of Aquarius

Astrology never ceases to amaze.

Whilst right now, most of us are patiently waiting out the coronavirus pandemic at home, at the same time a social revolution is occurring and it is happening right inside your own home.

As we find new ways to adapt to the massive challenges presented by COVID19, we are also leaning into technology and innovation in very important ways.

A month or so ago, online meetings were something other people did. Zoom was a 29 billion dollar company you hadn’t heard of and most of us thought the best way to do business was face to face.

Jump forward a few weeks and a workplace transformation has been forced upon us.

Across the world, industries must adapt as we face the reality of social lockdowns. Life in the global village will look very different once we learn to navigate this new terrain.

Whilst in the short term there are huge difficulties as we change the ways we interact, from a longer term perspective there are also incredible benefits to be gained from travelling less, using technology more and reducing our carbon footprint through an enforced drop in consumption

At the same time “epidemic proof” businesses are increasing in value. As share prices tumble and superannuation funds lose trillions, online businesses are showing the kind of resilience that investors adore.

Anyone who can continue to operate online is best placed to prosper going forward.


Saturn in Aquarius – A 29 year cycle

Now let’s get back to what this means from an astrological point of view. A few days ago, Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius. This is for all of us a major leap forward.

Saturn spends 2.5 years in each sign, and during that period brings a very practical focus to the affairs of said sign. Aquarius rules – amongst other things – science, technology and collective endeavours.

Significantly, Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and is said to most easily express its best qualities when placed here.

What makes this cycle even more important is the fact that Jupiter will also meet up with Saturn in Aquarius (a major conjunction) at the end of 2020, marking this year as a major turning point in terms of technology, innovation and massive social change.

In case you need convincing on how astrology mirrors social change, we can get a sense of what Saturn’s passage through Aquarius means by tracing what happened last time it was in this sign.

In Feb 1991, Saturn also stepped into Aquarius. This year saw the birth of the World Wide Web, with the internet being released to the public on August 6th. 

The Age of Aquarius actually began in full force in that year with Saturn in its own sign. Life as we know it has changed completely because of the web, and will continue to do so for decades to come.

2020 is a pivotal year in the evolution of the collective. How we respond to this moment in history will shape the rest of the 21st century in ways that are only starting to become apparent

So whilst social isolation is certainly a challenge it also encourages us to find new ways to live in harmony with our planet. The world is on pause and the potential is enormous.

Less movement and less consumption means less pollution and less resource wastage. We have the chance to press reset.

Cleaner air and more efficient work practices allows us to revolutionize our concept of the working week.

Huge disruption to the aviation and hotel industries will probably change travel as we know it, but also create the space we need to build more sustainable systems for the future.

Social isolation is a blessing, not a curse. As we draw on technology in surprising new ways we also create new opportunities to connect.

Never without its humour, the cosmic joke is that Saturn is linked to loneliness and Aquarius rules groups. Social isolation is a perfect manifestation of these two astrological themes.

Let’s celebrate the internet and the adventure of living in the Aquarian Age.   

Congratulations Internet, your Saturn return has arrived!



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