The Meaning of Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 2020Jupiter Saturn Conjunction


On December 21st 2020 (around midday GMT) the Sun will enter Capricorn on the Winter or Summer Solstice whilst Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at the first degree of Aquarius. 

You may have heard of this as the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction? The term conjunction refers to a physical event. From our perspective on Earth, these planets appear side by side in the sky. Hence, a Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

What is more, the Sun and Mercury are aligned while the Moon slips through the last ten degrees of Pisces. Big things are on the horizon.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction is a major event from an astrological perspective which ushers in a new era of scientific, technological and social change. A major cycle is about to unfold.


A New Era Begins

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction (astrological term for line up side by side in the sky) happens approximately every twenty years. 

This eternal cycle is so significant that it has been tracked since the days of ancient Babylon.  Astrologers have noted for aeons significant correlations between the Jupiter Saturn conjunction and major world events.

In fact, these two were once called The Great Chronocrators because their once-in-twenty-year alignment would mark a turning point for society at large. Every twenty years, we move into a new Jupiter/Saturn phase and every twenty years the themes which will govern us collectively are set. 

This time the Jupiter Saturn conjunction happens in Aquarius and so triggers what I believe to be the next instalment of The Aquarian Age.


Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023

Earlier this year, I first described the cycle of Saturn in Aquarius. We all saw a preview of what the new cycle might mean back in March 2020. Massive levels of disruption and innovation were afoot.

Let’s recap on what this means  


Saturn in Aquarius – A 29 year cycle

Saturn has entered the sign of Aquarius.This happens every 29 years, but this time is a major leap forward for all of us.

Saturn spends 2.5 years in each sign, and during that period brings a very practical focus to the affairs of said sign. Aquarius rules – amongst other things – science, technology and collective endeavours.

Significantly, Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and is said to most easily express its best qualities when placed here.

What makes this particular cycle more significant is the fact that Jupiter also meets up with Saturn (a major conjunction) in the first degree of Aquarius at the end of 2020, marking a major turning point in terms of technology, innovation and massive social change.

To get an idea on how astrology mirrors collective change, we can explore Saturn’s passage through Aquarius by referring back to what happened last time it was in this sign.

In Feb 1991, Saturn last stepped into Aquarius. That year saw the birth of the World Wide Web, with the internet being released to the public on August 6th. The Hubble Telescope had just started transmitting data back to Earth whilst the Soviet Union dissolved and the Gulf War began.

The implications of these events carry through until this day. Hubble has totally transformed our understanding of the cosmos, whilst instability continues to plague the Middle East. The end of the Soviet Union created the rise of the EuroZone and in the last 29 years the web and social media became a thing that has transformed our lives.

Most significantly, life as we knew changed completely because of the Internet, and will continue to do so for decades to come. In fact, the WWWeb is having its first Saturn return. This means it’s time to grow up. 

If you yourself have lived past the age of 30 then you will know how major the Saturn Return period (ages 28-30) can be!

Will this be a time of greater personal freedom through innovation and massive changes to how we work? Or will this be a time dominated by technological interference and social control? 

Jupiter in Aquarius 2021


Jupiter enters Aquarius every 12 years. Because this year it happens to coincide with Saturn’s arrival as well it’s an extremely important astrological influence

Jupiter represents the urge to expand, the search for meaning, the need for truth, and the spiritual or religious instinct in humanity. With both planets arriving in the sign of science and technology the stage is set for discoveries beyond what we can imagine. 

One possibility (and I suspect a strong likelihood) is that sometime in the next 20 years science will “discover” or quantify an organizing intelligence which governs creation. This would mean a concrete manifestation of The God Principle. Let’s break that down…

The idea of a fatherly figure sitting on a throne somewhere in the sky is a bit silly really. 

It’s actually a primitive way of imagining the true magnificence of creation. God is not a person, God is an emanation of Light.

There is something that guides both the planets in their orbits and the development of consciousness in all species in our Universe. In the years ahead, don’t be surprised if science proves what mystics have always told us – The Universe is alive, intelligent and intrinsically benevolent. 

The view going forward

2020 has been a pivotal year in terms of global evolution. How we respond to this moment in history will shape the rest of the 21st century in ways that are only starting to become apparent.

The disruption caused by the need for social isolation has been traumatic and challenging. For the first time in living memory, planes stopped crossing the skies. 

Our isolation has encouraged us to find new ways to live in harmony with our planet. The world is still on pause and the potential here is enormous.

Less movement and less consumption means less pollution and less resource wastage. 2020 will be known as The Year of Great Reset.

We have the chance now to do things better than we did before.

Cleaner air and more efficient work practices will allow us to revolutionize our concept of the working week.

The rush to find a vaccine has pushed medical science through unprecedented frontiers

Huge disruption to the aviation and hotel industries will probably change travel as we know it, but also create the space we need to build more sustainable systems for the future.

Whilst painful, all this is a blessing, not a curse. As we rely on technology in surprising new ways we also create new opportunities to connect and overcome the massive threats facing our planet especially in terms of climate change. 

Saturn represents long term structures and Aquarius rules groups. Jupiter symbolizes meaning, and the quest for more. In the year ahead we can find meaning through science and technology, peace in isolation, purpose through chaotic times.  

The future is here now and is asking us to be involved in it. 

As the planets mark out major moments in history your job is just to be yourself. Be the best version of yourself that you can be and think about ways to live in greater harmony with your environment. 

The end. Simple. And totally within your reach 🙂

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