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Euphoria Beach Wellness Travel 

– Kos, Greece

Do you like the sound of combining a sun lounge, steam and superior massage with a sparkling sea and sneaky cocktail?

Then a visit to the Euphoria Beach Hamam should make it’s way onto your “One Day I Must Do List”.

We don’t need to tell you you HOW GOOD a proper massage can be. Great for your skin, lymphatics and general levels of tension, the health benefits have been well known since before the Olympics began.

Of course you can can a great massage anywhere, and steam rooms are not new. But not many places let you soak up the rays from an idyllic beach setting, soak up the herbal steam in a customised hamam then treat yourself to a top-notch massage WITH cocktail chaser (alcohol optional) as you watch the sun set over a Greek island or three.

Finding Euphoria is easy. Located in Kos Greece, it’s a brilliant add-on to an Aegean holiday. Head away from the beach clubs and drinking spots Kardamena is famous for to the quiet end of the beach. Known locally as Ladikos Beach here you will just find fellow serenity-lovers, lapping up the sunshine with nothing to break the bliss but the break of turquoise waves.

Try their signature treatment (booked in advance with owner Nick The Greek) – a massage, steam, scrub and fruit smoothie combo.

Sun bed and rolled towel was ready on arrival. After a quick tour of premises, the experience began



wellness travel and astrology

Blissfully Relaxing

First was a surprisingly luxurious salt scrub to remove those nasty sun-bleached dead skin cells. Freshly polished, next came the hamam.

At first the idea of steaming on a 35 degree day seemed over the top, but the steam room was really relaxing as it is expertly warmed to just the right temperature – and wonderfully scented with fresh local herbs.

After drifting through 30 mins or so – in actual fact alternating between refreshing dips in the sea and lounging in the sauna – it was time for the massage.

The massage was the highlight of the experience. Expertly delivered by Grace – resident massage therapist – it was of the highest standard. Qualified in the UK, Grace knew exactly what she was doing and delivered an amazing therapeutic massage whilst the outside world just slipped away

Making it from the massage table to the waiting sun lounge was by far the hardest part of the day. Sob Sob… Fortunately Dimitris (“Maitre-D”) was on hand to tailor-make a fresh juice combo and complete the experience.. We added Vodka to ours. After all, when in Rome…or Kos…etc etc..

The Euphoria Beach Hamam is absolutely worth a visit to the lively party town of Kardamena.

Whilst endless renditions of ”You Sexy Thing” and “Hotel California” may not be your cup of tea (lots of that in Kardamena) nonetheless you can bypass it all and head to the cool end of the beach where Nick and the crew at Euphoria are ready to offer you a wellness experience you just can’t get anywhere else.

But Wait, There’s More:

Euphoria Beach Hamam, Kos gets the Stars Like You “Happy Days” tick of approval

Star-Travel Rating – A Total 8 out of 10

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