What is Astrology Part Two

Working with astrology blends different modes of human perception. It is as much an intuitive practice, or art, as it is an empirical exercise, or science. This combination of principles – an art and a science – is crucial for understanding how astrology is applied. Astrology best sheds light on the pattern and symbols that underscore life. Today, many Western astrologers look at astrology from a psychological point of view, to examine what motivates individuals, and why. Astrology can help us to learn more about ourselves, what motivates us and why.

What is Astrology Part One

The practice of astrology is almost as old as humanity itself. Since time immemorial, every major culture has developed a unique and sophisticated system of astrology which reflects a meaningful relationship between ourselves and the wider cosmos in which we live. The form of astrology that we in the Western world are familiar with has been evolving for at least 6000 years.