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Welcome to Predictive Astrology!

Several years ago, I predicted Trump would win the US election, but would be a one-term president. In early 2020, I predicted that Biden would triumph in the November elections, largely because the American people would shift their focus and regain their strength.

Then in December 2020, I predicted there would be a major violent upheaval around Jan 6 2021, all linked to the US Federal election.

Since then I have gone on to make many (less spectacular but very valuable) predictions that have helped my clients take charge of their own lives

Now I want to share with you the proven techniques that teach you exactly how I did this so you can become a better astrologer and get more clients.

So if you want to unlock the secrets of predictive astrology, enrol in:

The Stars Like You Online Horary Astrology Course

horary astrology online course

Get a whole year’s learning! Virtual version of our online horary program.

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When You Increase Your Skill-Set You Deliver The Kind Of Value That Attracts More Of Your Ideal Clients


If you’re already studying astrology, have you ever found yourself trying to work out what all the different symbols mean in a real-life situation? Do you know the basics but lack the confidence to bring it all together?

Have you struggled to work out what the most important influences are?

Do you find it hard to build a solid reputation and stable income from your practice?

As you know, an astrology chart is full of amazing information, but it’s easy to get lost with all the possible interpretations

How do you focus on the most important information so you can work out what’s most powerful and effective to share?

The thing most astrologers don’t know is how to turn these symbols into a specific set of recommendations that will help their clients make better choices.

You might already be able to predict a time of change – but what kind of change and what does that mean? Answering this is the mark of a master astrologer

Even if your focus is on emotional, psychological and spiritual growth, this course will help you do that better.

When you know the techniques of horary astrology you can approach every session with confidence, knowing you are going to give your clients exactly what they need to hear.

At the same time, you build your own reputation based on the proven quality of your work

That’s why I created The Stars Like You Online Horary Course, to help students and working astrologers become better at what they do.

This course will teach you rock solid tactics to deepen your understanding of astrology as well as help you build a much bigger client base using these practical and powerful skills

I am offering you the chance to buy a FULL YEAR predictive astrology course at a massive discount

As far as I know, there is no other online course like it!

Not only will your knowledge-base grow, but your client list will expand as well.  You will stand out from the crowd – being one of the very few people out there who can be relied upon to guide people through these difficult and challenging times.

Take this course now and get the skills you need

Not convinced? There are two things to remember

1: Horary astrology is THE BEST WAY to make accurate predictions. Traditionally, all student astrologers learned these skills first, before ever looking at a birth chart. 

2: You will gain confidence in leaps and bounds when you see how accurately the position of the planets mirror the circumstances of any given moment. I TEACH YOU TO CONNECT HORARY AND NATAL ASTROLOGY FOR MAXIMUM IMPACT

This Course Is For You If:

  • If you want to become a really good astrologer
  • If you’re trying to understand your direction
  • If you want to build your practice
  • If you want to increased psychological and emotional insight into your clients
  • If you want to move from apprentice to master astrologer
  • If you want to pivot and offer your clients the best value you can
  • If you want to help people make better choices
  • If you are interested in the traditional foundations of astrology
  • If you want to learn more and blend natal with predictive astrology
  • If you want to change your career or direction

The Course Outline


Divination: Knowing what the Divine is doing, what the state of the spiritual underpinning of reality is. It is prophecy in the original sense of the word, not the prediction of the future, but the explanation of the present — Robert Hand 

We focus on predictive and horary astrology – the art of reading charts designed to answer specific questions. You will work closely with real charts and learn how to translate your horary knowledge into working with natal charts.

Horary involves casting a chart for the moment a question is asked in order to gain insight into situations or events. The timing of the question provides a framework with which to interpret the meaning of the client’s enquiry and to make informed judgements about how events are likely to play out. In the distant past, astrology students would learn horary first before venturing into other, more subjective fields such as natal (birth chart) work.

By starting with the foundations of horary and traditional astrology, you will develop an expertise in the language of astrology before applying this vocabulary to the lives of clients, family and friends. An understanding of traditional astrological concepts will help you gain a deep awareness of the rich practice of astrology and greatly broaden your interpretive range. You will discover how astrology can be used as an oracle: applying astrological symbolism to real-life questions to get immediate results.

By the end, you will have a highly developed knowledge of horary and its practical application, and should be confident in using horoscopes to answer specific questions and explore connections to natal charts

Part 1: Horary Fundamentals 

We begin by introducing the fundamentals of horary astrology with an emphasis on the nature of prediction. We will look at the traditional principles of horary, along with the planets, signs and houses, and how these can be applied in a contemporary context. Along the way, you will develop a philosophy on which to build your practice.

Part 2: Interpretation Skills 

With the foundations now in place, we will look at how these can be interpreted. We will explore traditional terms such as essential and accidental dignity, reception and mutual reception. We will explore all the ways in which a planet can be dignified, including aspects and speed of motion, and look at temperament and quality. By the end of this semester, you will know how to create a ‘profile’ and provide accurate information about a person, place or thing. 

Part 3: Horary in Action: Moving from Horary to Natal Astrology 

We now prepare to practice our craft by making simple horary ‘judgements’. By the end of this semester, you should be able to cast your own charts and develop workable judgements. We complete our Year 1 study of horary by turning to the birth chart. You will examine ways of using horary tools and techniques with natal astrology. We will look at real life examples of natal charts to see how horary brings major chart themes to light. 

Your Teacher

Damian Rocks is one of Australia’s leading astrologers. 

He holds a Masters in Cultural Astronomy/Astrology from Bath Spa University England and an FAA Dip in Astrology. He was awarded the FAA Gold medal for Excellence in 2008 for his work in this field

Damian has been teaching students for many years, presenting workshops and seminars all over the world. He has trained with some of the world’s best astrologers and has years of client experience. His gift is the ability to explain complex ideas in a clear and simple format, bringing all the different elements of astrology together into an easy to understand format

The Stars Like You Astrology School has evolved to become one of the easiest and most reliable ways to study astrology online.

Join us today and and open the door to a galaxy full of amazing insights

Damian Rocks

Click on the video to listen to Damian explain 4 benefits that make this course unique

As Seen In…

Here’s What Some Of Our Students Have Said…

I’m loving how Damian’s style of teaching resonates with how I intuitively approach and interpret charts. I find a deeper knowledge each class. Thank you!

Damian Rocks is a very clear speaker and I really enjoyed his videos. He breaks up what is a very complicated topic into easy bites size pieces. He makes a lot of sense when he speaks, and is passionate about each an every part of Astrology. I hope he creates many more courses, as all I want to do now is learn more!

The subjects were handled on a basic and simple level while presenting some introductory tools to start reading charts. This gives a good start for newbies and a great review for anyone more familiar with the topics. The reading materials are thought-provoking.

I really enjoyed my reading with Damian. He was great at mirroring what is going on in my life, helping me make sense of it all, pulling my ear a bit where needed, and helping me realize I’m on the right path and my intuition was right…but I wasn’t listening to it!!!

After the reading, I felt an immense relief, as if through Damian, the Universe was giving me permission to live – reminding me it was I who wasn’t giving myself permission.


This Course Is Not For You If:

: You don’t find astrology exciting

: You don’t want to learn

: You don’t have time to commit to building your skill set

: You don’t believe you have the ability to be a master astrologer

: You don’t want to help your clients with proven, accurate techniques

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price for this course in USD or Australian dollars?

You can purchase this course now for in AUSTRALIAN dollars. When you pay via the payment gateway a conversion will be automatically applied, making this deal even greater value for those of you in the US, UK and Euro zone.

How long do I have to finish the course?

You are free to learn at your own pace. Sign up now and you will get the entire 12 month course pre-recorded, plus class handouts. You can work through them in your own time. You have access to the class material for 12 months and can contact me anytime during that period if you need to clarify anything

I’m not sure if online learning is for me

While many of us are used to learning in class environment, new technology lets us learn in different ways. When you buy this online course you also become part of the Stars Like You student community, and will have the chance to join special live Zoom lectures that will take place throughout the year. You have email access to your teacher available at anytime

What if I want to check my understanding or ask extra questions?

You can contact me anytime if there is an issue with the online material but if you want more personalized attention then you can schedule private tutoring. Just email me for further details. Your course includes an hour of private tuition with Damian as well.

I’m concerned these skills will be too overwhelming to learn on my own

This course has been designed to take a practical step by step approach to learning horary astrology. In fact, no student who has ever taken this online course has found it difficult to understand, and no one has needed to ask for extra help 🙂 So you can rest assured as long as you read through the material and watch the videos one by one you will get the knowledge you need.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Unfortunately we can only sell this course at a discounted price with a strict no refund policy. This is because you immediately have access to all the course information, and can easily download everything. To keep the course fair and accessible to all we cannot give any refund once the course is purchased. But no one has ever needed one!

Discover The Secret To Making Accurate Predictions & Transforming Your Astrology Practice So You Can Give Your Clients Massive Value  

Just To Recap – Here’s What’s Included

Take this offer now and you will get –


* 12 months access to The Stars Like You Horary Course
* Over 80 hours of world class training videos exploring all the key concepts
* PDF’s outlining all the major topics
* Recommendations to other websites and sources to further build your understanding
* Flexibility to learn in your own time and at your own pace
* AND……. access to Damian your teacher if you want to know more. (one hour private tuition is included)

(*extra tutoring is available for an additional cost)

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