Horary Course RECORDED full year


FULL YEAR: Recorded version of our online Diploma programme – Year 1. Access to all the recorded classes for Diploma of Predictive and Therapeutic Astrology. Study in your own time and learn the art of predictive astrology


Start your Journey Today.

Study with expert professional astrologers.

Learn at your own pace and in your own way. Our accredited course let’s you develop all the skills you need to become an astrologer

Discover the fascinating art of horary astrology. Learn to answer simple questions from the position of the planets.

Year 1 will train you to become proficient in the art of horary astrology. You will learn how to answer specific questions with a high degree of accuracy and detail through a traditional study of planets, signs and houses.

By the end of Year One you will be able to make good, clear judgements based on the time and place a question is asked. The join us LIVE in Year Two for natal astrology

What’s involved (Year One):

  • Over 80 hours of live classes recorded and ready to watch
  • Class notes, reading and handouts detailing every step of the way
  • Email access to your personal tutor 24/7 (if you have any questions along the way we are here to help


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