Children’s Astrology Chart


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Your Children’s Astrology Report is the perfect gift for parents and children.

As Khalil Gibran reminds us, we are here to help our children along the road to who they will become.

Understanding a child’s horoscope throws light along the way, and helps us to see them for the special and unique person that they are trying to become. Learn about the child as a unique individual, and how they can make the most of their potential.

Explore the relationship between parent, child, and other family members, as revealed through the astrological chart.

This report is not predictive, and does not attempt to say what the child “will be” in their lifetime. Instead, our report describes areas of innate strength and opportunity, as well as areas of inner stress or challenge. When necessary, it will also point out significant years within their personal development where they may need extra care and attention to help them through episodes of personal growth. Rather than relying on a generalized computer, our report is personally written by a qualified and experienced astrologer. Your report can be emailed, or sent out in a hard-cover copy. The Children’s Astrology Report makes a great gift for any child, parent, grandparent or family member, offering valuable insights for many years to come.

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