Astrology Consultation – Introduction or Update




This is the classic introductory astrology session, helping you to unlock the map of your unique personality.

Learn about who you are from an astrological point of view.

Or if this is a follow-up session, we will look at the road ahead

Your 60 min consultation involves looking at the key themes of your chart – strengths and opportunities, as well as possible challenges, or giving you an update on previous consultations

Includes your astrology chart, session notes and a digital recording of the session

Allow 60 mins.

Please provide Date, Time if known and Place of Birth

Available online (Zoom/Skype) or by phone

6 reviews for Astrology Consultation – Introduction or Update

  1. Tracey Levett

    I loved my session with Damian, his extensive experience as an Astrologer combined with his deeply intuitive nature means that the reading is very refined. I have just listened back to the recording of my consultation with Damian and am taking notes and planning events for the optimum time. I left feeling inspired and confident and with a real sense of direction. Thank you Damian

  2. A.Wilson

    Damian’s insights and guidance bring reassurance and great comfort on what at times can be a lonely and challenging
    road travelled. Understanding the influences, the impacts these have on us and our relationships gives a very different perspective and allows us a deeper understanding of our own journeys and how to approach these with a more positive manner.
    Damian’s warm and approachable manner make it a session to look forward to and you always feel at the end of a session no matter how challenging a situation there is a path through it .
    Thank you Damian for the wonderful gift you have I am very grateful to have come across your path, your wisdom
    and amazing insights.

  3. Anita

    As always your insights are so very helpful and reassuring, they give me the courage to continue
    on this earthly journey growing with the circumstances and situations presented to me &understanding
    at a deeper level.

    You have a very warm manner and kind voice which is very comforting, thank you for sharing
    your gift.

  4. Steph T

    Sometimes we need someone to stand beside us and talk about what we can’t see in front of us whether its frustrating, uncomfortable, scary or simply that we can’t see a way. And if they guide us with suggestions based on being honest to our true nature , we can grow, we can change and maybe, relax a little. I thank Damien for his guidance. He has helped me be happy.

  5. Natalie

    Truly helpful
    There are a plethora of practitioners and modalities about these days. It is easy to find a practitioner but not so easy to find a master. Someone that can help when needed. Someone that walks the talk. I believe Damian is one of those rare practitioners who not only wants to help people but has the ability to help people. I am a practitioner myself and love referring people to Damian as I know who ever see’s Damian will be in good hands. He knows his craft and his skill but also knows people and how to help them navigate through what their life is telling them.
    I’ll be back to see him…we all need help and understanding at some point in our lives.

  6. Ash

    Thank you Damian for providing such an enjoyable and insightful reading. You communicated everything in great detail but in a way that was not too overwhelming to understand. Much of what was said rang very true for me both in relation to my present situation as well as my desires for the future. The recording that I received from our session is one that I will constantly refer to. Many thanks!

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