Astrology – A Tool for Transformation

Often, the places within ourselves where we keep the deepest dread, or biggest fears, can become the gateways to our greatest strengths and achievements. Once we understand the life lessons that are carried within each experience, we gain a better sense of self.

This is a great irony, but I think anyone who has faced and conquered a big fear in their life will tell you that learning to overcome that issue became one of the best things they have ever done.

Astrology can help us to understand what these underlying lessons are about, and will show connections between the different points in our lives when we may have faced similar challenges, and how we handled it. When we recognize the growth that has occurred through time, or we see the connection between past and present events, we often feel empowered to make better choices. This is when we recognize the process of transformation happening in our lives.

When an astrologer reads the map of your birth chart, they are taking lots and lots of different pieces of information (which may on the surface appear somewhat contradictory) and synthesising all of this information into a specific story that is unique to you. They can help you recognize your own path to inner and outer transformation

Remember, the planets show our primary urges and needs. They reveal a lot about what motivates us, and why. The relationships that exist between each planet in your chart can show how easily, or with what degree of difficulty, you will go about expressing these urges. When you have this level of self-awareness you are better equipped to transform what may need redeeming, and strengthen your best assets.

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