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The Magic and Meaning of Uzo Aduba’s Birthchart

– Or why casting agents should always use an astrologer.

Uzo Aduba is both a reluctant role model and supportive superstar.

She is an Aquarian, with a 6th house Sun and Taurus Moon in the 9th.

Her rising sign is Virgo.

Together this combination suggests a heightened physicality, strong sense of logic, with an analytical nature and desire to explore the big topics such as purpose, culture and social meaning

True to her Aquarian calling, she has achieved recognition not only for her skill portraying characters outside the mainstream, but for her contributions to the LGBTQI and African-American communities.

Her Virgo Ascendant and sixth house Sun lend her a big dose of humility, suggest she is an actor more likely to be concerned with her improving her craft and assisting others than she is with seeking the spotlight. She is likely to enjoy supporting those around her achieve optimal results.


Astrologers look for patterns.


Astrologers look for patterns when analyzing a chart. This combination suggest a strong sense of practicality and desire to be of service plus a tendency to be at times self-effacing and usually happy to help.

When talking about the day to day realities of making good television, Azuza has said

I love ensemble work. I love making pieces and building things together. When the focus is over on Taystee or Nicky [Natasha Lyonne], that’s where we’re supposed to focus, and my job in that moment is to support and listen and be available as they are when it’s my time to speak

Aquarius is associated with outsiders or renegades – those of us who just don’t fit in with the norm. It is also associated with collective concerns, and issues to do with social justice, inclusion and equality for all.

With her Sun in Aquarius and making a close connection to Pluto, Uzo is likely to be drawn to any social issue that champions the underdog, or any role that allows her to identify with characters existing on the collective fringe. 

The NYT ran an article in July 2018Uzo Aduba Gives Voice To Hidden Figures

This sums up perfectly her ability identify with the renegade and outcast

As I became more and more clear in my art-making, I realized that the stories I wanted to tell were the stories of the missing, the people we never get to hear about and should. So many women have been written out of history, and there are more corners and moments than Florence Nightingale and Sojourner Truth


Voicing mental illness is a talent


It always interesting to study an actor’s chart to understand why they embody a certain character so well. Finding the voice of that character sheds light on why some roles become iconic, and others fall by the wayside.

For Uzo Aduba, voicing mental illness is a natural talent, with planets in her chart showing a great propensity to understand alternate perspectives.

We all know and love her for her role as Crazy Eyes (aka Suzanne Warren) in Orange Is The New Black. She is astrologically well suited to depict a complex character struggling with mental health issues.

The planet which rules her Gemini Midheaven (the part of the chart which shows your public persona) is Mercury. Mercury rules communication and analysis. This tells us that Uzo is likely to be drawn toward careers that focus on communication and the use of words. Before Uzo made her name on screen she studied classical voice at Boston University.

Her character Crazy Eyes is especially well known for erratic soliloquys that can jump from Shakespeare to slam poetry, evoking all the madness and splendour of Litchfield Prison like no other character can.


An unusual way of expressing ideas


Looking a little deeper, Aduba was born when Mercury was retrograde in the sign of Pisces and about to make a conjunction with Mars. Traditional astrology tells us that people born whilst Mercury is retrograde will have an unusual way of expressing their ideas, whereas those born when this planet travels through Pisces are likely to have vivid imaginations but may struggle to be organize their thoughts in a coherent way.

As an actress, Aduba may have had to work hard to focus on practical tasks such as learning lines and meeting deadlines. Whilst her chart shows she is more than capable, she may also have the kind of mind that is always racing toward the next idea. Concentration may be a skill she has had to earn.

Mars is the astrological symbol of anger and aggression. This combination of Mars and Mercury in her chart suggests she would be no stranger to sudden impulsive outbursts and jagged thoughts which spring from the subconscious like Greeks from a Trojan horse.

Mars (or Aries to the Greeks) was always considered the most stupid of the Gods. His impulses were often reckless and always self-centered – much like the tantrums of a child.


Uzo Aduba birth chart

Chart /

Born to play a Mercurial role

This combination – eloquence and uncontrollable rage – is perfectly embodied in the character of Crazy Eyes.   

“What I learned very early is that Suzanne is truth staring back at you,” said Uzo Aduba… “And the truth hurts, and it’s hard to say.”

Describing how she originally connected with the character – Uzo says “I thought she was like was an adult carrying a sledgehammer and a pacifier, showing how an innocent child could be scary, meaning her intentions would be always good and rooted in some sort of purity but her execution might be somehow mismanaged or poorly orchestrated.

Astrology has a lot to teach us about the workings of the human psyche. We can understand core motives and drives by unpacking the position of the planets in our solar system relative to us at the time of birth.

Uzo Aduba was born to play the role of a Mercurial outsider, one who challenges the status quo by pointing out where the stress fractures lie.

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