trump win astrologyTrump’s dominance of the 2016 Presidential campaign and subsequent victory can be seen in the chart for his campaign launch. Interestingly, this chart also implies a major turn around in public opinion that could drastically curb his ambitions. In Jan 2016 (Sydney FAA Conference), I predicted his likely victory based on the following:

The moment something is begun gives a unique time/space signature. This is known in astrology as an electional chart –  a chart based on the notion that we can elect to do something at a moment which will be most auspicious for our success. Trump launched his campaign at precisely the right moment to achieve victory. The position of the planets at that moment linked in precise ways back to his own birth chart, allowing him to express his full potential, and describing a pattern which played out the entire campaign.

The planet ruling the first house is Mercury. This symbolically represents Trump. It describes a person who is changeable, adaptable, amoral, quick-witted and, in this case, adept at communication. Mercury is found in the strongest position of the chart (conjunct the Midheaven and in its own sign). This describes a candidate who can and will dominate the media and public discourse. There was little chance he would not win. As the planet with the most power in the chart, this implies whatever Mercury represents will influence everything else. Trump ruled the airwaves in every way, and was able to continually shift the conversation to his will. His strongest tactic was to listen and then mimic the concerns of the disenfranchised lower/middle classes. His notorious use of Twitter characterized his campaign.

His opponents (both for nomination and Presidency) are symbolised by the the ruler of the 7th house (here Jupiter in Leo). Jupiter is weakly placed in the 12th house, describing opponents who do not have the capacity to really challenge him. Jupiter in Leo symbolically describes well meaning, noble and educated persons, but in this case unable to overcome their own limitations. The 12th house is associated with scandals, secrets, betrayal  and hidden matters. The spectre of corruption and deceit plagued Hilary Clinton throughout her campaign. She was consistently associated with secret and criminal activities. Trump capitalized on this to fuel his campaign message.

Neptune also sits on the cusp of 7th house, describing illusion, deception and betrayal affecting the ability of Trumps opponents to prevail. The strangely-timed and nebulous FBI interference just before the election describe this perfectly. True or not, the theme of deception marred Clinton’s ability to counter Trump’s full-scale media war. It also suggests Trump may face deception in the form of challenges to his leadership from within his own party (Mercury moves to square Neptune). Both Saturn and Neptune are found on the angles of this chart. When found on the angles, planets symbolize overarching themes which will affect the outcome. His victory may end up a poisoned chalice from which he has no choice but to sup.

The theme is war is also described in the chart. The Sun, Moon and Mars are all conjunct in Gemini, describing a battle rhetoric underpinning Trump’s message. The call to move away from global responsibilities, punish ‘opponents’ in multiple ways and thus “make America Great again” underpinned his campaign. His abuses of women and minorities were made public yet accepted by the voting public. This triple conjunction aligns with the Sun, Moon and North Node in Trump’s own chart (Sun/Node in Gemini, Moon in Sag). This is a Martian chart triggered by a Mars dominated individual. Trump was born with Mars rising in Leo on the Eastern horizon, perfectly describing his autocratic, brash, ego-driven and competitive personal style. His aggressive manner and approach to policy will define his Presidency.

Despite all this, all is not lost. Most significantly, the Moon at the time of his launch was in a very weak position (New Moon, heading to void). Traditional astrology warns against starting anything under a New Moon, or one which is void. The experience of past astrologers suggests that “nothing will come of the matter” under such conditions. Here, The Moon symbolizes both the flow of events and the mood of the people. As the Moon sits in Mercury’s sign, it shows us that Trump is able to capture the public’s imagination and “talk their talk”. But the Moon is at the end Gemini (implying change) and heading into a period where it will make no contacts with other planets but will be in its own sign. This could be read in a number of ways.

As the Moon moves into its own sign it suggests that the public will shift their focus from the Trump-driven rhetoric to matters which are far more home and family based. Gaining strength by moving into its own sign, The Moon suggests the public will find a reason to return to the “old-fashioned family values” upon which the USA is based. The mood of the people will move away from Trump, and he will lose much of his popular support. As the American public finds its own strength again they will find they have little in common with Trump’s real agenda. What is more, internal dynamics within his own party will gain force, and he is very likely to have to deal with a challenge to his leadership. On the day that his victory was called both the Moon and South Node crossed over this Neptune, activating the potential for further secrets and betrayal to be revealed. March 2017 is likely to be most significant here as opposing forces rise to challenge his hold on power.

What seems certain is that despite Trump’s initial domination, the tables will turn. Challenging aspects to his own chart (Saturn on his Sun Moon opposition) kick on from January 2017, and he will face a very turbulent 12 months. Health may be a sudden issue. Even if he makes it through the first term, all indications here suggest his Presidency will be short-lived. The Moon is four degrees away from changing signs. Four years from now the focus on the American people with be much clearer, and no longer aligned with Trump’s punishing agenda.

Trumps Birth Chart and Campaign Chart

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