Astrology and PredictionCan the planets really tell us what will happen in our lives?

This is a question that many of us grapple with as we try to understand what astrology is, and how to use it

Whilst the position of the planets may bring certain patterns to the fore, they do not foretell the future

A wise person once said the only thing you can really ever change is yourself. The truth of this is quite profound.

It is worth thinking about the idea that the planets can “predict” what will happen in our lives. By thinking “I wonder what will happen to me?”, then seeking an astrologer or psychic to answer that, we immediately disempower ourselves.

The reason this takes our power away is that we start start to invest energy into a seductive yet probably false belief that there is something “out there” greater than us shaping or directing our lives.

If we imagine that we are at the mercy of external forces, we fail to recognize the Divine spark of creativity and manifestation that resides in each one of us. If you find this statement somewhat abstract, spend a moment or two reflecting on the life processes happening inside each cell of your being right now. The same spectacular symmetry that keeps the planets in orbit also structures the biological/chemical systems that keep you alive. Deep inside each one of us is a cosmic intelligence, which is in fact the miraculous Force that organises all Life.

Astrology proves that there is indeed a Universal Harmony, and this is probably the same thing as God. The secret is to understand that this Harmony does not choose our experiences for us, it just influences the parameters that we will be or are currently working with.

To evolve there must be decisions (consciousness), and so we are gifted with free-will.

When we feel despair at the bloodshed happening on our streets, or the gross manipulations of those in power we have two choices. We can make ourselves unconscious by trying to forget about it, or make a decision to be a better person where we can.

The latter is the wisest choice, and the only one that can help. A more peaceful world starts the moment we decide to treat ourselves and others with the kindness we intrinsically seek. 

For example, Saturn’s transit may mean hard times for one person and hard work with reward for someone else. Neptune can bring disillusion and loss, or the chance to experience something transcendental.

What, then, is the point of astrology or even reading the monthly forecast I hear you ask?

In ancient times, the purpose of prophesy was not to “foretell the future” but to illuminate the present tense. Guidance was sort from oracles and planetary patterns to help make better sense of the NOW.

From this perspective, reflecting on the placement of planets can help us better understand the circumstances which face us, rather than what might potentially happen. We gain far more from astrology when we use it to shine a light on current circumstances, rather than attempt to analyze what “will happen” as if this was some kind of predetermined outcome.

The future, my friends, is very much up to you, and you are the ones who choose it!

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