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Zodiac Signs and Compatibility

Welcome to the second article in our series on love, astrology and relationships.

The first article gave some great tips on how to use simple techniques to explore astrology, love and relationships. In this article, we will explore how different aspects in the birth chart reveal detailed information about who you are compatible with and why. 

The truth about compatible Zodiac signs is that you can’t tell anything based on someone’s sign alone. Whilst your Sun Sign does NOT dictate who you are most compatible with, your birth chart can give you a lot of food for thought in terms of which partners you are most suited to and why.

Comparing your chart with someone you don’t feel compatible with can also help you understand why you experience conflict with that person or group of people. 

In order to understand what you are likely to need in terms of relationship and compatibility with someone else you need to know a bit more about your birth chart. Its not a simple matter of compatible Zodiac Signs


Have Your Heard Of Synastry?


The best known technique for examining how you experience your relationships is called synastry. The ways you function with different people changes every time, and synastry helps you recognize why some people bring out certain qualities in you that others do not

Synastry works by overlaying one chart over the other. It can help you compare personality dynamics for compatibility, as well as highlight karmic lessons within close relationships. This is much more detailed and rewarding than just wanting to know about your compatible Zodiac signs.

The easiest way to do this is to simply sit down with the two natal charts side by side, looking to see how one chart ‘fits over’ the other, where there are common aspects or how chart A will trigger chart B. 

Start with the Sun sign and house, before moving on to the Moon sign. Take your Sun and imagine it placed in the other person’s chart. Into what house does it fall in? This is the area of life which you will ‘enlighten’ for the person you are thinking about. 

Then take their Sun and do the same with your chart. What area of life do they illuminate for you? Are the signs compatible? Do they have much or little in common?

Next do the same thing with the Moon. This will show where you are likely to support and nurture each other. If your Moon signs share the same element then you will understand each other’s needs. If they are very different elements (like Water and Air or Fire and Earth) then you may have some compromising and communicating to do.


The Meaning of Venus in Your Birth Chart

Look at Your Major Elements 


However some Zodiac Sign are more compatible than others. You can build a compatibility profile when you look at how compatible all the planets are as a whole.

This approach can be used for all of the personal planets in your astrology birth chart (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars). Each one offers insight into the inner workings of your personality and describes a particular need or quality within your personality. 

Elemental connections or differences between the personal planets in each chart help describe your basic compatibility. If you don’t have much in common here then this may be one of the main reasons you tend to fight!

Generally speaking planets are most compatible with others in the same element or polarity (yin/yang, active/passive). Each element reveals a fundamental approach to life. 

Air and Fire signs are considered active or Yang, Water and Earth are passive or Yin. Air is all about analysis and communication. Water involves feeling, connection and intuition. Earth signs focus on pragmatism and satisfying the senses, whilst Fire are stimulated most by passion and inspiration. 

See if you can learn more about you are by thinking about your birth chart. Find the element of your Venus sign. Compare it to the element of the other person’s Venus. Venus in a Fire sign is inherently more comfortable with a Venus in another Fire sign or perhaps in anAir sign.  Compare the elements of your Mars with their Mars, Mercury with Mercury and Venus with Venus. 


Aspects Between Birth Charts


An inter-chart aspect is an aspect (line of energy) that links a planetary placement/chart point in one person’s chart with a planetary placement/chart point in another person’s chart. 

Say you have Venus at 9 degrees Virgo and they have Saturn at 10 degrees Virgo. These planets form a conjunction. 

If the other person’s Saturn was at 10 degrees Gemini, then these aspects would be in square aspect. 

With synastry, it is more important for two planets to be linked by aspect, than to fuss over what kind of aspect it is. Look for planets or chart points that are linked and how their basic qualities might affect each other. 

Challenging aspects like squares and oppositions suggest you will have to work toward a place of balance together, but also bring creativity and growth. Easy aspects like trines and sextiles suggest a comfortable flow, but can become complacent so are better suited for friends than lovers. 

Aspects between birth charts mean that these energies will be expressed in your  relationship somehow. With Venus and Saturn in aspect (which can be either a restrictive influence or excellent for a long term commitment), think about how Saturn might help or hinder the expression of Venus energy. 

You might find that there are times when one person seems to inhibit feelings of self-worth and attractiveness (Venus), or you might find that when you find things you both value (Venus) then you want to commit to something stable and longterm (Saturn). 

Generally speaking, if their Saturn aspects your Venus then you are likely to experience the full spectrum of a Venus/ Saturn connection. This runs from initial fear or uncertainty about getting closer, to feelings of support, stability and responsibility, into experiences of being restricted or limited by the partnership and on again into the potential for a long term, enduring connection that will stand the test of time.

The same can be said of any aspects between the birth charts, especially between personal planets.

In a romantic relationship, you might look for an aspect between their Mars and your Venus. This would indicate an ability to relate on a sexual and creative level, and would generally indicate a good erotic potential. 

An aspect between your Mercury and their Moon would show an ability to communicate and feel comfortable about expressing yourself. 

An aspect between the Sun and Jupiter might point to a shared desire for adventure, or the ability to inspire each other to go beyond the known and familiar. 

The Personal Planets and Relationships 

The nature of the planet and the aspect will provide much insight into the nature of the partnership. Here are some more general rules:

  • Positive aspects between the Sun and Moon (like a trine) help to outweigh many other more challenging aspects greatly.
  • Positive aspects between the Moons in each chart are key factors when people are living together or intend to do so.
  • Mercury is important in relationships – it will show whether the two people are on the same wavelength mentally or not and whether or not it will be easy for them to communicate with each other. 
  • Consider Venus (the attractive principle) and Mars (the assertive principle). Are they connected by aspect? Or elementally? Or house wise? Venus and Mars are important in terms of sexual compatibility.
  • Sun opposite Sun or Sun conjunct the DSC is a very strong connection and excellent for long term partnerships.


Soul Connections – Major Chart Aspects

Some aspects, however are more important than others – denoting what we might call a karmic or soulful connection. 

Worth looking out for are aspects between the main axis (Cross of Matter) in one chart and planets/points in the other. If a person’s planets fall at the same degree (or close) to your Ascendant/Descendant axis, or your MidHeaven/IC axis then it is more likely to have the potential to be an important relationship for you.

Aspects to either the Nodal axis or the Vertex/antiVertex can also be important, and may have a fated or ‘karmic’ quality to them. You are likely to find that important people in your life will have planets or points that aspect your North or South Node. 

Planets that conjunct or square your North Node describe persons who can help you fulfil your potential in ways that are not immediately obvious to you. Planets conjunct the South Node reveal ways of expression that seem comfortable and easy to you. 

A person whose Sun is conjunct your South Node may feel very familiar, but you may end up feeling stagnant together. A persons whose Sun conjuncts your North Node may seem exciting and foreign to you, as if you have a lot to learn for seeing things their way.

These kinds of relationships seem to feel like a soul connection, and you are likely to feel as if you have ‘known each other before’.

Astrology can teach us a lot about who we are and the relationships in our lives. Using simple techniques, you can get an insight into how different people will influence your life. Whether you are looking at a connection between close friends, partners, work buddies or a member of your family, synastry and chart comparison will put things into a new light. 

Sometimes it is best to get an outsiders point of view, and a professional astrologer can provide an incredible amount of information. But at other times, you can find out quickly and easily what is happening between the two of you just through comparing the charts. Enjoy! 

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