Taurus Sun Sign Star Sign Birthday Horoscope Forecast

​If Your Star Sign is Taurus… Read On

For the Taureans amongst us (and those who care to share it with them) here’s your celestial To-Do-List, helping you get your birthday month off to the best possible start

Do schedule in some serious YOU time on April 23/24th as the night skies darken with the Taurus New Moon. Your birthday New Moon kicks off the start of your personal New Year…. So prepare yourself for the days ahead by setting some clear intentions.

Say yes to doing things different 🙂 What else is new we hear you ask??? Just about everything.

2020 continues to build on major shocks and sudden revelations that have been unfolding since mid 2019. Uranus is once more tied in with this New Moon, which  mean s*** keeps getting crazy. Be adaptable.

Do mark the date. The Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon around May 7/8th pulls Mercury into the mix but hooks up with Jupiter. Learning super-practical skills while doing a cool new Zoom Meet is a cosmic must.

Think of how you can make yourself even more attractive by having essential facts or figures at hand. Re-Skill Thyself!

: It’s all about Uranus….again… You just can’t seem to shake the oddly disturbing feeling that normal will never come. What to do in a state of dystopian unrest? Plant vegetables, take up art, and perfect a slow-cooked feast of course… 

Can things get any slower? It’s Saturn time! 2020 is going down as a major turning point. Saturn is about to go retrograde whilst squaring your sign. This means you need to ask yourself what is and isn’t working in your life. Saturn favours careful deliberation – which kind of fits the overall global mood. Don’t go back to old ways if you can avoid it!


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The Major Astrology Influences For You in 2023

The Major Astrology Influences For You in 2023

Part One of our 2023 overview looked at the influence of Pluto in Aquarius and the transit of Jupiter through a new cycle of the Zodiac. We also explored ways to manage your mental and physical wellbeing through tuning into the monthly rhythms of the lunar cycle.
Here we look more closely at Saturn’s influence and what Pluto in Aquarius might mean, plus a personal focus on your Saturn cycle based on your Rising Sign

Your major astrology influences for 2023

Your major astrology influences for 2023

A New Jupiter Cycle Kicks Off – One of the bigger generational patterns to shift gear in 2023 is the journey of Jupiter through Aries and then Taurus. Because Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, when Jupiter transits here (once every 12 years) we can think of it as the step up to the next level in an evolving cycle.

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