Mercury Retrogarde Meditation

Two Ways To Master Meditation

Meditation & Mercury Retrograde

There are three ways most of us get affected by Mercury’s retrograde cycle (MR)

  1. You may notice electronic and mechanical glitches that challenge you to stay calm in the face of adversity  (communication breakdowns)
  2. You may notice strange events happening that bring  about unexpected connections (apparent coincidences that are actually moments of synchronicity)
  3. You may notice a greater sense of inner confusion OR a plethora of conflicting opinions that just create more disruption (cognitive dissonance)


If your thoughts tend to be chaotic or you are distracted all the time, you are likely to find all sorts of weird hiccups emerge to frustrate and challenge you 

But if you develop a ‘spacious’ state of mind, and learn to stay focussed in the present, the MR period is in fact an ideal moment to review your self-talk, and notice any tendencies toward negative or even catastrophic thinking.

How Mercury Retrograde affects mindfulness

As humans, we are somehow programmed to expect the worst. Through meditation or mindfulness, we learn to untangle these negative thought-patterns and see more clearly the opportunity in every moment.

Meditation is the optimal pathway toward developing mindfulness. When we meditate, we learn to appreciate the wonder of Life in its myriad states of flux and transformation.

We become less judgemental and reactive. We find it easier to accept ourselves and others with understanding and compassion.

The secret to becoming a meditation master is not to try and stop your mind from chatting (it never does) but to learn instead how to focus it for an extended period of time


As Easy As One Two


Effective meditators apply two simple rules. Focus your attention on one thing (the breath is a great place to start) AND do this regularly. 

So when Mercury turns retrograde the advice is this – take the time to slow down and relax.

Stay present through meditation or any other mindfulness technique. Learn to observe your thoughts and how these frame your view of the world, then change whatever you discover is holding you back.

After all, the one freedom that can never be taken from you is your ability to choose how you respond to a given set of circumstances.

A MR phase is a wonderful opportunity to observe your normal responses to life, and practice skills that can change the way you think forever.

If you want some help learning mindfulness techniques then get in touch with an experienced coach as the first step to harnessing the power of your own mind!


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