What House Is the Sun In? – The Houses of Astrology

Your Sun Sign and solar house

Which House is The Sun In?

Discover Your Solar House 

Want to know which house of your chart The Sun is in? We explain how the houses of the chart make a big impact on how you express yourself. 

Your Solar House shows where your Sun Sign energies are likely to be at their most potent, and best expressed. Work with these qualities to realize your full potential.

Your astrological chart is a unique map of your inner terrain which shows your talents and disposition. Following this map can help you reach your full potential. Understanding your Solar House is essential.


Even if you know very little about astrology, you can still work with the map in ways that will make a big difference to your life journey. Knowing your Sun Sign will reveal a lot about you. Your Sun Sign describes in great detail what is likely to motivate and drive you. When you know that someone else is a Leo, Gemini or Cancerian, then you can appreciate a lot more about what makes them tick. You understand their basic drives. You have a better sense of how they think, and are likely to react.

But perhaps you have also noticed that not every Cancerian is the same? That every Leo doesn’t need to make a grand entrance whenever they come into a room? That every Gemini is not continually changing their mind? The secret to each person’s unique astrological qualities is often due not only to the time of year they are born, but also to the place and time of day that this occurred.


The Sun in Each Sign

Click on the link to find out more about your Sun Sign and how to live a life full of purpose

Sun in Aries     Sun in Taurus     Sun in Gemini     Sun in Cancer     Sun in Leo     Sun in Virgo     Sun in Libra  

Sun in Scorpio      Sun in Sagittarius      Sun in Capricorn      Sun in Aquarius        Sun in Pisces


sun sign and houses

Your Sun Sign and House make you unique

Your Solar House – A Unique Point of Difference

Your birth-chart is a multi-dimensional story, with many levels of information. What makes your astrology chart unique is the time and place that you were born. Knowing this lets you add more detail to your astrological story by including what are called The Houses of the Chart.

The houses relate to specific areas of life experience that connect the symbolic influences of the planets to everyday life. By studying the houses, you can learn which ‘arenas of experience’ are likely to be most important for you. This adds a far more personal flavour to how you express your Sun Sign

The time of your birth makes a major impact on how you express your Sun Sign qualities. It will also help you identify specific skills and talents that are unique to you. Armed with this information, you can then identify those areas of experience in which you are likely to want to shine!


The house in which your Sun is found very important. This house, or your Solar House, can be thought of as the arena of life experience in which you are most likely to want to shine. Whilst the qualities that are likely to motivate or drive you can be described by your Solar sign, where this will happen is described by your Solar House.

By blending the themes and issues of your Solar Sign and House, you can create a detailed picture of the kinds of experiences you are likely to encounter along your way to becoming who you are.

If you don’t know which house learn more here about how to find your Solar House


If you know your Solar House then click on the image below for more details 


First Solar house

1st House

Sun in the second house

2nd House

3rd Solar House

3rd House

4th Solar House

4th House





5th Solar house

5th House

6th Solar House

6th House

7th Solar House

7th House

8th Solar house

8th House





9th Solar House

9th House

10th Solar House

10th House

11th Solar House

11th House

12th Solar House

12th House









Want to Know More About How to Find Which House the Sun Is In?

Learn more here about how to find your Solar House



What Is A Sun Sign? Discover Your Purpose

your sun sign

Your Sun Sign Reveals Your Purpose

What does the Sun Sign mean? 

The Sun is the most important part of your astrology chart. Understanding its’ influence can help you find direction and a sense of purpose.

Your Sun Sign shows what motivates and drives you. Then its’ house position reveals where your skills are best applied.

In essence, The Sun describes what motivates you through life, driving the engine of your personality. It also describes the qualities you are learning to develop in yourself, rather than simply what you are.

Much more than basic personality traits, it is better to think of your Sun Sign as describing the journey you are on as you grow, and the talents you should develop. READ MORE >>

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