Gemini New Moon 2020 new moon astrology

The Gemini New Moon

May 22-24th 2020

To begin…. Wondering what is a New Moon? It’s a regular event happening thirteen times a year, when the Moon and Sun align in the sky.

The Moon therefore disappears from view. It’s a moment for withdrawal and renewal. Traditionally, New Moons have been considered times to release the old, and prepare seeds for the new.

We don’t start things under a New Moon, but we set an intention for what we want to achieve.

Every New Moon is a good time to pause and reflect. Some like to mark the occasion with a personal ritual. Others do so by taking time out.

Astrologically speaking, a New Moon brings its energetic focus to the affairs of a given sign. So because the Sun and Moon are meeting in Gemini we are all asked to reflect on our communication skills, analytical ability and capacity to explore the various options available to us at any given moment of time.


The Influence of The Twins


The Gemini New Moon is an opportunity to focus on relationships. Never has it been more important to find ways to connect with those we love and think about what we need to say.

As an Air sign, Gemini relates to the intellect, to communication and information. At its best, Gemini is a sign of rational brilliance and social charm

A great way to tune into the energy of a Gemini New Moon is by learning something new. This way, you broaden your frame of reference whilst sharpening your wits.

The 2020 Gemini New Moon is actually much more gentle than any we have had for a while.

This lunation is free from the destabilizing impact of Uranus, and there is a slow return to a new kind of normality. Hopefully as we learn different rules for how to interact with eachother we will also learn to be more considerate, conscious and aware of the world?   

Uranus has been involved with a whole series of difficult New Moons that have been forming since mid 2019. It is all part of a much bigger process of global change, with June 2020 possibly giving us a chance to find level ground.

A new world is forming and we need to learn how to rebuild our economies in a far more sustainable and less self-interested way.

As you reflect on how much the world has changed and where you want to go next, think about the incredible opportunities that technology and online learning can offer

This New Moon makes a fortunate alignment to Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn’s influence right now is all about the next instalment of the Internet age.

As the Sun and Moon meet this week have a think about how technology can helps us find new knowledge and more sustainable ways of being in the world.

On a less heavy note, the New Moon also emphasises social interaction. Time spent with neighbours – or others we don’t normally see – or reaching out to wider family. If you can do it, make this month a time to focus on those outside your usual realms.

With so many of us in lockdown this can be tough. Let the wonders of the modern world inspire you to find interesting new ways to meet. 


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