Pisces Full Moon Meaning and interpretation

Going With The Flow

Between September 1st and 3rd 2020, the Moon travels through Pisces to oppose the Sun – currently in Virgo.

Consequently, we will experience a Pisces Full Moon. This Full Moon is traditionally called The Harvest Moon, occurring as it does with the time for reaping summer crops in the Northern Hemisphere.

A Full Moon in Pisces brings emotions to the surface. It is a doorway into the sensitive, intuitive and subjective aspects of our psyche. It is also an opportunity to draw upon the wisdom of instinct and learn more about Going With The Flow.

The Flow is an interesting concept. “Going with It” can seem like a passive approach, as if we are expected to let things to happen to us and then respond. In fact, it is the opposite. Going With The Flow is about aligning with your own innate wisdom.


Listen to Your Instincts

This means developing the ability to recognize intuition. Intuition is a clear form of knowing that arises when we are in attuned to the energy fields that surround us. Animals use it constantly to avoid danger and locate home. It is a sophisticated form of understanding, based upon the clarity that comes from subjective experience.

Think of it like this. All forms in the Universe organize themselves along predetermined patterns and fields. From coral reefs to super nebulae, there is an order and structure to the cosmos that allows evolution to unfold. All things being equal, Life has an inherent balance which is beautifully reflected back to us through the synchronous orbit of the planets

Humans are probably the only life force that struggle with this. We imagine we are in control, we are right or wrong, we are good or bad, lovable or not. In fact, we are none of these things.

In essence, we are consciousness learning to clearly perceive itself.


A Work In Progress


The problem is our egos – based on adaptive mechanisms needed for animal survival – keep us stuck. We become trapped in an endless cycle of judgement, frustration and emotional reaction because we view the world as something out there, seperate from us.

Actually, we are just as embedded in the unfolding processes of life as the fish in the sea, the light pulsing from a star and the atoms that compose it.

Back to Pisces. This is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac and symbolically represents the ability to transcend limited consciousness through self acceptance. When we release judgement of ourselves and others we are able to see things for what they are – the eternal unfolding of a Divine Plan.

Therefore, Going with The Flow is about being able to recognize signs. It’s about listening to feelings, removing inner resistance and letting the right path emerge from every situation, with a focus on the best outcome happening for all.

Success lies in listening to your Intuitive Knowing, attuning to your own rhythms and acknowledging when you have lost touch with your inner life.

Fear, depression, apathy and anxiety are only states of mind. They have no objective reality. If we choose, to we can let them go.

Instinct and intuition are guided by an inner knowing. There’s nothing to believe and there’s nothing to judge. All there is is the objective truth that at your core you are a pulsing, benevolent and conscious energy beam.


Who You Really Are


What does have external reality is the truth that life is guided by intelligent design, that the foundation of your consciousness is always there, watching the unfolding of events. Deep inside you is the constant flow of Knowing. It knows you want peace, harmony and to be the best that you can be.

Your nature is to love, and Love has the power to clear away the darkness. In the end, it is to Love and not ashes that we shall return.

Practice letting yourself go with The Flow and you will always, always, always end up seeing things clearly. By aligning with the natural rhythms of life you will find happiness is always within you, ready to be shared.

That’s what the Full Moon in Pisces is all about. Isn’t that a wonderful thought!?!     

Tuning Into a Full Moon

Every Full Moon is an opportunity to find balance through introspection and illumination. Whilst current astrological influences are very difficult, the Full Moon is giving us all a chance to create a new society that is better than the one before.

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