Here, we have outlined six great reasons for you to study astrology. Think of this as your in-depth excuse for being astrology obsessed.

Six Great Reasons to Understand Astrology

Astrology isn’t called “The Queen of Sciences” for nothing. Not only is it one of the most ancient ways of understanding the personality, it’s also perhaps the most accurate way of recognising where your opportunities lie. Put simply, if you understand these six reasons to study astrology and learn about your birth chart you will get the inside scoop on what makes you uniquely you.

Here, we have outlined six great reasons for you to study astrology. Think of this as your in-depth excuse for being astrology obsessed. If you’re interested in taking it further, we also have a fantastic online astrology program that you can sign up to at any time to learn the secrets of your birth chart. But in the meantime, here are six reasons why you should know all about astrology.

Number One – Astrology is all about patterns.


The idea that astrology puts forward is – The patterns which structure the cosmos also structure the human mind. It might come as little surprise to you but everything is made up of pattern, from the micro to the macrocosm, which of course includes your own psyche.

Astrology provides a way to link the patterns which appear in our solar system with the patterns that emerge in your personality. The reason you behave in certain ways has something to do with the celestial patterns operating at the time you were born. This is extremely profound.

Number Two –  Astrology can help you understand your obstacles or challenges.


When you look deeply at the patterns in your birth chart, you begin to understand why certain experiences or events seem to happen to you. When the same circumstances repeat themselves you know you have a pattern. When these patterns seem to block or challenge you there is something you need to learn. Being able to interpret your birth chart means you can more clearly see where your key obstacles lie, and then – more importantly – what you can do about them.

Number Three – Astrology can help you figure out your purpose.


Your birth chart reveals your true purpose. It is a map that can help you find your way to greater personal and professional satisfaction .

What’s really important to remember is that purpose comes from doing three essential things – Doing what you are good at, what you enjoy sharing with others and what gives you energy in return.

Your astrology chart can help you work out exactly which areas of life experience are likely to be most successful for you, then develop a strategy to focus on them. This will also lead you to a greater sense of purpose, with increased satisfaction and a bigger capacity to make an impact on the world around you.

Number Four – Astrology can help you understand your relationships and why attract the experiences that you do.


Blending the qualities of your Sun and Moon sign will help you understand your relationship needs. While you probably know your Sun or Zodiac sign, do you also know what your Moon sign is? This is a fundamental aspect of your personality which can add a lot more detail to your astrological profile.

Your Moon Sign describes your emotional needs and how you respond in terns of home and family life, as well as what you need to feel comfortable and how you connect with others. Seeing how these dynamics play out (or not) in your key relationships is really important for defining exactly what happiness looks like for you. Think of it as your astrological Love Language. You Moon sign shows what you need to feel emotionally connected with significant others in your life.

Number five – Astrology helps you to understand that you are in charge of your own destiny.


Some people think that astrology is all about fortune-telling. We can absolutely promise you that it is not!

You have free will in everything you do. What your birth chart describes are some of the ways you are most likely to respond when certain influences occur. Remember, “the stars incline but they do not compel”. This means that while your birth chart reveals how you are likely to respond to your reality, you always have choice in terms of what that response is. You have the ability to seek experiences which align with those parts of yourself that you wish to promote, whilst avoiding circumstances that might deplete or drain you.

Number six – Astrology can help you to navigate change.


This is really interesting. When you can interpret the influences affecting you at both collective as well as individual levels, you can understand why certain periods suit a particular response. This will help you to better manage change, and understand the rhythms of your life.  You will know when to starting new things as opposed to times when you need to complete or finish things off. You will need which are of your life requires work and attention, as well as times when you need to let things flow.

So if you find all this intriguing and would like to explore astrology more deeply, you can sign up for the Stars Like You Astrology School. We have created a fantastic online program which is really easy and affordable for anybody to join.

What you get is a really comprehensive online course that can help you go from absolute beginner to almost professional level, in your own time and at your own pace. If you want to known more you can get all the details here on how it works.

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