November 2020 opens with a Taurus/Scorpio Full MoonThe Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon 2020 

November opens with a Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon, kicking off an intense month for all of us as the US elections loom and with COVID sadly again on the rise.

Way back in 2016 we looked at the chart of Trump’s campaign launch and accurately predicted he would win, based largely on his ability to dominate media and communication channels.

We also predicted that his reign would be defeated after one term, mostly due to a massive shift in public concerns.

Back then we couldn’t have known what huge challenges were in store for the American people. Now, four years later, it is much easier to see what that chart was pointing to.

This weekend brings a kind of reckoning. Whilst truth may still be elusive, the focus has moved away from the bombastic antics of a morally ambivalent head of state, and much more to the real and pressing issues of home, family and long term security.

The 2016 chart suggested that the American public would become motivated in four years by matters of self-protection and domestic security. This is a good thing. We could say that the American people are in fact regaining their power.

With fingers and toes crossed, we hope this Full Moon challenges the status quo, returning the USA to a position of ongoing stability and prosperity – where families can thrive in an economy based on freedom, equality and real humanitarian values.

The Scorpio vibes right now make us determined to get to the bottom of things. There’s something in the air right that inclines us to want to see deception exposed. Ugly secrets are brought to the surface. Transformation can occur

Uranus conjoins the Full Moon, and speaks to the core values upon which the US Constitution is based. In fact, this planet was discovered around the same time as the USA was formed, and is a symbolic beacon representing the principles of equality, freedom and justice that the USA is striving to uphold.

The month head is likely to be volatile, unpredictable and challenging nonetheless. Try to reframe any “shocks or revelations” that suddenly emerge as incredibly helpful agents for triggering progress and change. The results may take time to resolve, and attempts to blur the transition process are likely

So “Expect the Unexpected” and “Be Prepared”.

On a more personal note, the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon (conjunct Uranus) favours letting go of old habits and routines that in fact no longer serve you.

This is also a financial Moon, with a focus on matters to do with emotional, psychological and material security.

If you feel the need to release something or someone, do so with love and in good grace. Whilst it may be tempting to allow emotions to run riot, in the end  you only imprison yourself when you indulge in resentment and negativity.

As a Jedi once said, “May the Force Be With You”…. The most powerful force (in the world we know of) is Unconditional Love. Let that be your guiding light as you cut away the old and the extraneous.


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