2021 astrology forecast

Wondering What’s Next?

Welcome to your 2021 astrology forecast. We help you get focussed on the things that are important while you are wondering what’s next.

Everyone knows 2020 was the start of a global reset. The 2021 astrology shows signs of hope.

Yet, some of us are waiting for things to go back to normal and many of us have no idea of what to do. Your 2021 astrology forecast can gibe you a better sense of how to prepare for the road ahead.

Maybe you’ve landed on this page looking for an astrology forecast for the year ahead? In the hope that someone will tell you what’s going to happen next?


But rather than trying to predict what’s next, a better question to ask yourself is this: 

“Are you prepared for the post-2020 world? Do you have the tools needed to thrive in a forever changed world?”  


The Four Key Things:

The 2021 astrology tells us there are four key things to be aware of right now

  1. The reset is still unfolding and won’t end for a few more years.
  2. While you wait, continue to upskill. Education is critical in the months ahead
  3. We have entered a new era of science and technology. The future will be defined by your relationship to these disciplines. So if you want to retrain could you move into one of these fields?
  4. As our problems become more complex the solutions we require to fix them must become both more elegant and veered toward win-win outcomes.


You can watch my video on the 2021 astrology and what’s next here.


To make the most of your 2021 astrology, you need to be authentically yourself.

Despite the horrendous events of 2020, the future still looks bright, but only if we learn to leave the past behind and start to thinking in more collective terms. Those who thrive in 2021 will be thinking about win-win outcomes rather than just “what’s in it for me?”.  

It’s also crucial that we learn to recognize our unique strengths and choose to use these in way that creates a more balanced life for ourselves and contributes something to others

The post 2020 global reset is about finding ways to be more connected and in harmony with the world around us

To help you recognize your key strengths there are three main questions to keep in mind

“What am I good at”? 

“What do I do easily”? 

And critically, “What do I enjoy sharing with others”?


If you can answer these questions then you will be able to pursue activities that give you a greater sense of purpose and opportunity to thrive, despite the global flux. You will be in synch with the 2021 astrology and ready to make the most of whatever is next

This is one of the ways that astrology can really help us. The basic idea that astrology puts forward is that there is a connected pattern between the structure of the cosmos and the structures of the mind. No one knows how it works but if we observe these patterns we can understand personality traits as well as predispositions. 


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YOUR SUN SIGN and 2021 Astrology

If you want to understand what your real talents are and how to make a difference in the world one of the most powerful tools available to you is your birth chart

If you combine the qualities of your Sun sign and the house it is in you will have a blueprint that can help you design a pathway toward realizing your full potential

In 2021, each Zodiac sign will respond to the collective influences in different ways. Here’s how you can harness the qualities of your Sun or Star sign to make the most of the year ahead 


One of your big strengths that you can employ in the coming year is your propensity for initiative. You were born to take action and to be innovative. Looking at ways to innovate and pioneer is going to open new doors for you.


You might not like change but you are great at creating structure. Don’t wait for things to be more comfortable. Instead test out some of the ideas that are emerging in your life. Trust yourself enough to know that you can probably make a good go of whatever you put your mind to.


One of your key strengths is your capacity to cope with change. You are so adaptable that you can actually thrive in a period of major flux like this one. To make the most of this time learn a skill or broaden your expertise in what you already know. This is the best thing you could be doing right now


The capacity to read the moment and then take action is a key Cancer strength. Spend some time developing your emotional intelligence. You will find it even more useful in the year ahead as you learn to respond to a constant level of change and its associated uncertainties. 


You can really benefit from thinking in terms of collaboration. The future is about recognizing  win-win situations. So to practice what it means to lead, think about what you’d like to do and who you would like to share it with. The big word here is collaboration because through working with others you get better at creating outcomes that truly work.


You lot are the systems-thinking specialists of the Zodiac. Your strength is your problem-solving ability and capacity to navigate complexity. Trust your ability to work through the detail and look for practical ways to help others do the same. The future is all about managing greater levels of complexity which means you are naturally positioned to succeed.


If you’ve got The Sun in Libra your propensity for partnership is required. The future is about collective endeavours and so, you are well placed to use your social skills in important ways. Focus less on the approval or those you share your world with and more on the impact you’re having. Are you inspiring others to create optimal results?


The under recognized strength for those born under Scorpio is what I like to call the human touch. Scorpios bring an understanding of the good and the bad in everyone without necessarily being judgemental.  No one can understand and appreciate what it means to be human more than you can. Through accepting people for what they are you help them to see where the obstacles and stumbling blocks lie. This is a huge asset that can help you in the years ahead. 


This is the sign of the future and no one looks forward to what’s next more than Sagittarius. The trouble is you can’t leave everything behind right now. The world is full of limitations. But while on the one hand this is true, on the other it’s not. Your capacity for inspiration is desperately needed. The ability to imagine what better looks like is something you are gifted with and what the world needs right now. 


You’ve been going through a huge amount of tests and challenges in the last 3 years because of all the influences in your sign. Now the emphasis is moving into Aquarius it’s time to test out what has just been a concept up until now. You have had plenty of opportunity for soul searching. Now it’s time to try and put a few new stakes in the ground. Take steps forward even if they are small. 


You’re probably getting sick of hearing about how you are supposed to be the rebels and the outsiders of the Zodiac. Some of you are and some of you are not. But what most of you are is uniquely yourself. It’s your time to take that individual perspective and make it work at a collective level.  Creating win-win situations through system thinking is natural for you. 2021 is designed to help you shine. 


With so much happening around you it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But remember you have a choice. Do you give in to your worst forebodings or do you embody the best version of yourself you can be? You have the capacity to give everybody else an example of what the best in being human really is. So will you focus your attention on all the difficulties and hardships or will you rise above and share with us your true Highest self?

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