astrology your birth chart and the unique story that is you

The Mechanics of Your Birth Chart

It’s really useful to think of your birth chart (or your astrology chart) as a constantly unfolding story. You are the main character, with your chart being unique to you.


What makes your birth chart so interesting is that somehow the position of the planets at the time of your birth seem not only to mirror the characteristics of your psyche, but can also show when important events are likely to unfold, based on this initial story-board or script!


Understanding the details of your birth chart gives you a unique edge in life.


Your Birth Chart Is Your Story

Imagine that the planets are like actors in a great cosmic play, constantly circling round and round on an amazing, circular stage. At a precise moment, someone yells stop, and the planets appear to freeze. 

The person yelling stop is you, corresponding with the moment that you are born.

Wherever an actor freezes, on whatever part of that stage floor, they will find a particular script that must then be played out. This script is made up of the qualities of the sign of The Zodiac, and house of the chart in which that planet is placed. This role is the part that planet  will play for you. How you use its influence, however, is entirely your own choice!

So each player has their part, decided by the moment of your birth. What is scripted is the outline – what this character wants and needs. Yet for the play to make sense, there must be context and dialogue. Each player must also then interact with the other players on the stage.

Those players who are near to, or facing, each other at the moment that they freeze must interact.  They “dialogue” if you like, back and forth across the stage of your life story, taking cues, acting parts, making negotiations, and taking their turn in the spotlight, at different moments of your life. These are called aspects, but understanding these takes some time.

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Astrology 101 – Your Birth Chart

Think of it like this –

The Planets describe “who”, The Signs describe “what” and The Houses describe “where” these energies will be affecting you in the unfolding drama of your life.

Learning to read your birth chart, and understand how all of these component parts work together is the art/science of studying the natal chart.

A skilled astrologer combines raw data with a highly developed intuition to help you finesse the unique qualities of your own personal situation and potential. They can bring your birth chart to life and help you see yourself more clearly.

But you can learn quite a lot on your own just by focusing on the Sun Sign and house, Moon sign and house and your Ascendant (Rising Sign). Your birth chart is full of information that ca help you understand yourself, know where your strengths lie and relate to other people

It’s great sharing with you some of the secrets of astrology, but if you think you’d like a personal session with a professional astrologer follow this link and organise your consultation

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