Your Midheaven and Its Meaning

Direct yourself for success! Find out how your Midheaven can help you set a path for your future.

The Midheaven – like the Ascendant – is not a planet but a mathematical point in the birth-chart. You will find your MC located toward the top of your chart – above the middle horizontal line (horizon).

Another name for the Midheaven is MC or Medium Coeli, meaning “middle of the heavens”. Its opposite point is the IC, which refers to the Imum Coeli – or “bottom of the heavens”.

By convention, most charts will just display the symbols for the MC and ASC, leaving their opposite points (the IC and DSC) implied.

To know the exact location of your MC you do need to know the time of your birth, and will need to have your chart cast. You can find out how to create your birth chart in five easy steps here.

As the word suggests, the Midheaven is the highest point in the sky along the ecliptic – the point where the apparent path of the Sun will cross the meridian at the precise location of our birth. From a symbolic perspective, it is the most aspirational part of your chart. It is also associated with (but not the same thing) as the 10th house of your chart.

The IC is the lowest point of the ecliptic (the path of the sun) relative to your particular place of birth –  or the point where you would find the Sun around midnight, all the way on the opposite side of the Earth. The IC symbolises your home, family and private life. (It is often associated with but not the same as the 4th house of your chart.

What Does The MC or Midheaven Mean?

In symbolic terms, the Midheaven reveals the qualities of your public or outer self you are seeking to express – the person you are either striving to become or the qualities you would like to be acknowledged for.

By contrast, the IC describes parts of your life that are very deep, inherited, hidden from view, ancestral or in some way part of your genetic makeup.

Taken as an axis, the IC-MC describes something about your life direction: you could say that the IC represents where you have come from and the MC where you intend to be.

If you have been a long term visitor to this site then you will already know that it doesn’t make much sense to look at your chart as a map of destiny. The chart does not tell you what to do.

Instead it shows strengths, challenges, opportunities and predispositions. Your birth chart doesn’t say who or what you will be, but it does suggest direction. If you align yourself with your innate strengths and understand your challenges then you can be far more successful in life.

Make The Most of Your Midheaven

To get the most from understanding your Midheaven imagine it as depicting the person you publicly want to be. The Midheaven shows who you aspire to be within your community, and if you align with activities that help you become this then you will be fulfilled.

Your Midheaven is the image you construct for what success looks like and how you would like others to see you. Your attitudes are of course shaped by the qualities of the sign on the IC, but you publicly express the themes of your MC, especially in terms of career

Want to be a nurse or therapist? Perhaps you have Virgo on the MC . Do you find yourself naturally pulled into organisational roles? Then possibly Aquarius sits here?

In practical terms, your MC describes your career, vocation and how you want to be seen in the world.

To make the most of your MC and find success you should think about how your Sun Sign and House can work together with the sign on your Midheaven. Find a way to blend these things together for optimal results.

The MC/IC Axis – Your Family History

The MC and the IC are also often called the ‘parental axis’ of the chart as together these encapsulate your experience of both your mother and father as early role models, or the family story you grew up in and how that will shape your life. It shows what you have inherited and how that then drives you in the world

The MC/IC Axis can reflect the qualities of your parents which you have inherited are are most important to you. This can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on your personal history

There is an old saying that “the sins of the father will be visited on the sons”. This can sound ominous, but taken in light of what we know today about genetics, epigenetic, generational trauma and family systems it might come as no surprise.

The ancients had very sophisticated ways of describing the complexity of the human psyche, and astrology provided a way to do this. Modern science is coming closer to understanding how energetic patterns which structure the universe also structure our minds.

Your Career Choices and MC Meaning

For most people, the MC will be in the same sign as the cusp of your 10th house, but not for everyone.

To keep it simple, think of your 10th house as describing kinds of work you are suited to performing and your MC as the career style which suits you best as well as what success might look like for you  – once you fulfil your potential.

To really work with the MC in your chart think in broad terms about what each sign symbolises, then blend that with the sign on your 10th house if required.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what work might suit you best based on your MC

The MC in Each Zodiac Sign

Aries – you might work best in circumstances that allow you to be independent, entrepreneurial or autonomous in some way. Self-employment may suit and open opportunities for you.

Taurus – you might find your need for security shapes career choices, so that you choose the most stable option. Or you could find anything to do with plants, farming, beauty, creativity and/or comfort suit you well.

Gemini – you might have more than one main job or be suited to work with lots of change. Travel, connection and communication might be important in your ideal role

Cancer – you may find that real estate, home or family-based roles work well for you. You could be a natural within the kitchen, love to host or enjoy hospitality / hotel work

Leo – you might work best as a leader or organiser. Not one to be micromanaged, you suit taking the lead somehow and being recognised for what you are good at

Virgo – you might be great with analysis and planning or enjoy any role that lets you be of service to others. You might be really practical and good at fixing problems or broken systems

Libra – you might work well as a counsellor, negotiator or relationship specialist. You can do well in roles that involve diplomacy. HR and legal matters may appeal. You are likely to be very fair and objective about what you do for work

Scorpio – you might be drawn to crisis situations, or anything that involves an emergency response. You could do well with psychology or any role that focusses on motivation and drives. Managing resources will suit you as will financial investment.

Sagittarius – you may find it hard to choose just one career so that freedom, adventure and travel might suit you well. You may be drawn to travel or teaching careers and could also suit an academic role if that is your kind of thing of course. Influencing and hosting is likely to appeal

Capricorn – you are likely to be hard working and very responsible. You will suit executive or managerial positions and will probably work hard to achieve what you want. High expectations eventually create significant results

Aquarius – you may be someone who sees yourself in a collaborative, community or technological role, You may be drawn to anything that involves broadcasting information or creating with new technology. Science might suit well, as well as social development.

Pisces – you are likely to be drawn to either a creative or service-oriented field. You might suit anything that lets you use your imagination, or be drawn toward professions which aim to alleviate the suffering of others. Healing or helping is the key.

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