Astrology, Omicron and the good things about a pandemic.

​Astrology & Omicron

What a wonderful world we live in!

Even though we are still in the midst of a terrible pandemic, there are incredible blessings to be found. Astrology is the mirror in the sky, and the planets are suggesting an imminent period of calm.

Let’s be honest. We have come so far in such a short amount of time that we haven’t even had a moment to actually catch up with ourselves.

After what has seemed like aeons of turbulence, uncertainty, gut-wrenching change and feelings of inevitable doom, the skies are metaphorically clearing over planet Earth, making 2022 hopefully far less challenging the previous decade or so.

Ok… There’s no doubt about it. Bad things still will continue to happen. That’s part of what being alive is all about.

But what makes 2022 so interesting – and potentially exciting for us – is the fact that we are finally freed of “cosmic disturbances”,  meaning there are very few “hard” astrological influences on the horizon – which hasn’t happened for a long time! 

We could interpret this then as a time to rest, recharge and reinvigorate ourselves after one hell-of-a-ride.


2022 Must Improve


Yes folks, you can metaphorically put your seats back, unfasten your seatbelts and take a breath or two while you work out who the f*** you are going to be now.

The most exciting changes have happened in terms of climate change and biomedical science. In the blink of an eye, it seems business leaders have snapped out of their comatose state and come to terms with the fact that self-interested politicians will not lead us toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.

We have to do that ourselves. 

And all around while the planet goes through immeasurable damage there are business leaders making decisions that actually mean we have a chance. 

Of course, the despots, maniacs and greedy a-holes behind plenty of corporate bank accounts remain. BUT…. the pendulum has shifted and those of us who actually want to have a future have just realised we don’t need to ask. 

Let’s stop waiting for governments to shift and just do it ourselves. 

Every single time you make a choice where you consider the impact you are having on your environment you contribute to a much, much larger collective change. Every single time…. Yay You!!

Let’s not forget the incredible pace of change that has been forced upon us through COVID19 and the coronavirus pandemic. Only a few weeks back we all took a great big global gulp when Omicron first surfaced. What the hell was this variant about and what would it mean for us??? 

While media outlets have gone into a frenzy of anxiety-triggering subplots, scientists have been going at warp speed, learning more and more about viruses and the immune system. As a people, we have leaped forward in unimaginable ways and will be reaping the rewards of all that we have learned for decades and decades to come.

About forty years ago, some groups within our communities  faced devastating loss and social breakdown when AIDS emerged courtesy of the HIV virus. Tragically, there are millions still battling what is now a largely manageable immunological disorder – especially in the West – where access to anti-viral medication is prevalent. 

This didn’t happen because scaremongers and bigots jumped up and down. 

It happened because good, kind and clever people worked together to solve the mystery of tackling HIV. 

Along the way, we learned so much about viral mechanisms that we were able to respond with lighting speed when COVID emerged last year. 

That’s fantastic and amazing. What a fabulous world we live in! 

And so we see the global benefits now with Omicron. Within days we had the virus identified and started sequencing. We are learning so much about replication rates and public health. We are simultaneously developing new vaccination technologies that will have unimaginable applications down the track. 

As the skies clear astrologically, so to do the implications around mutant variants and vaccines. We now know we need three shots of a reliable and proven vaccine to get great broad-spectrum protection. 


Astrology in 2022


Years from now, 2021 will be seen as a moment in which humanity took a great leap forward – thanks in some part to the fortuitous conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius back in December 2020. 

This grand conjunction was major news.  Much has already been written about its impact and potential fallout. What we most need to remember is that we are now firmly in the age of science and technology. This is what the sign of Aquarius is all about.

So the future is not set in stone. It is set in molecular theory, under strictly controlled laboratory conditions, where chemical changes can be observed, measured and replicated to better understand our world. 

In the next part of this post, we will mention more about the specific astro influences coming up in 2022. There are some really cool conjunctions to look forward to, especially between March and May. 

But for now, rejoice. 

We are all living through the most incredible times and despite the suffering there is so much to hope for. As ever let’s remember the front line workers who have absolutely held back the tide. 

If you have the good fortune to know a doctor, hospital worker or nurse then give them an extra smile this Christmas (or hug if you dare!) 

Thanks to the brilliance and dedication of people with a scientific mind we are all much safer and healthier than we might be otherwise. 

More soon 

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