June 2020 Gemini Sagittarius Full Moon

Image: Ersat Inal @ersatinalworks

The Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse June 5th LA 11.14am  NY 2.14pm  UK 7.14pm  Sydney 7.14am June 6th 

If you have planets/points around 15 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius/Virgo/Pisces then this eclipse will be significant for you.

A major Full Moon and lunar eclipse arrives this week, highlighting the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius.

At the same time, Mars is square to the Sun and Moon, amplifying the tension we are feeling across the globe whilst fanning flames of dissension and division.

The last time we saw eclipses enter these two signs was back in June 2001. That eclipse season ushered in the era of traumatic change with 9/11 that still affects our world today.

Back then The Twin Towers fell. This time, we are again on the brink of potential chaos. Knowledge, hope and understanding are needed 

Gemini is about communication. Sagittarius is about belief. The formation of eclipses in these signs triggers a climax of truth or lies.

As we know, current events are spurring many to speak out after years of systemic injustice and abuse.

On the plus side, this Full Moon reinforces themes around global cooperation. We need impartial truth in the media and a shared desire for social expansion to broaden mindsets.

Lunar eclipses are also known for exposing the shadows. This will force to the surface many secrets that have been buried in the vault. Beware those who try to defend their prejudices.

Around the world, social media allows us to stay informed when our governments will not, but is a tricky tool that we must learn to use with care.   

Whilst on the one hand we see images of rioting and police brutality, on the other we must remember we are also seeing millions of good-hearted people asking for equality and change.

Rather than revenge, many people in the USA want justice.

Human beings are fundamentally good, despite our flaws. The Full Moon reminds us to speak the truth, communicate clearly and not let lies tear us apart

Instead, those who are labelling the collective demand for justice “Terror” are truly threatening our peace and democracy.

All lives matter, but black people have suffered centuries of abuse and have the right to call out this deadly hypocrisy for what it is

Real change happens when people speak out. Don’t be afraid to call for better systems and fundamental human rights, but please don’t add to the cycle of violence and division that in the end diminishes us all.     


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Sagittarian Full Moon – What It Means For You

This year, the Full Moon falls across the 15th degree of Gemini/Sagittarius, and ushers in a season of eclipses falling across these signs for the next two years.

While the Sun is travelling through Gemini, the Moon opposes it from the sign of Sagittarius, resulting in a Full Moon.

Because the Full Moon is close to the nodal axis, it creates a lunar eclipse. The shadow of the Earth may partly obscure the light of the Moon for a short time.

Look in your chart to see if you have any important planets or points around 15 degrees of Mutable signs. You will be most strongly affected. Think about what you believe is true, and if you really have enough information to make such claims.

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis represents information and the pursuit of knowledge. We can seek information in the form of fact, or we can seek understanding through experience. Either way, this is the axis of communication and belief.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse puts a focus on what you know and believe, connecting back to the Gemini New Moon of late May, to bring its focus to whatever was happening for you then.

Gemini is concerned with logic. Facts are reliable and can be put to the test, giving a measurable framework from which to proceed.

Sagittarius governs higher learning and belief. This relates to the intangible and experiential dimensions of life which in turn lead to the formation of culture

We are right now immersed in a global culture war, wth deceptive leaders manipulating notions of what is fake and what is not – conflating propaganda as news and ignorance as virtue 

The question is – do you really know enough about the world around you or are you basing your idea of fact on mere belief? Does opinion cloud your ability to be objective? Does a lack of knowledge prevent you from understanding someone else’s point of view?  

The Full Moon brings an opportunity for balance. The current series of New Moons we are experiencing are very difficult, and the Full Moon brings the chance to assess our progress, both individually and collectively.

Remember, when we let go of our desire to change others we no longer feel the need to judge. Then we can understand where they are coming from, and if required, empower them with the knowledge they need to do less harm next time.

Slowly but surely the light of Truth is rising – from the still, calm Voice of divinity within.

Illustration courtesy Ersat Inal @erstainalworks

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