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Pleasure and Pain

A New Moon in Taurus is generally a splendid thing. Taurus is a sign of stability and comfort, embodying both sensible and sensual pursuits. Taurus  is also symbolically associated with the fertile joys of Spring

This year however brings a less salubrious tone, with most of us in lockdown and genuinely concerned for ourselves as well as those we love

So how do we make the most of this month’s astro influences and perhaps harness some celestial synergy to bring The Magic back?


The New Moon Explained

First off – wondering what is a New Moon? It’s a regular event happening thirteen times a year, when the Moon and Sun align in the sky. The Moon therefore disappears from view. It’s a moment for withdrawal and renewal. Traditionally New Moons have been considered times to release the old, and prepare seeds for the new.

We don’t start things under a New Moon, but we set an intention for what we want to achieve.

Astrologically speaking, a New Moon brings its energetic focus to the affairs of a given sign. So because the Sun and Moon are meeting in Taurus we are all asked to reflect on what pleasure, sensuality, practicality and comfort mean.

Every New Moon is a good time to pause and reflect. Some like to mark the occasion with a personal ritual. Others do so by taking time out. A great way to tune into the energy of a Taurus New Moon is by spending a 15 or so minutes feeling your body and its’ wonderfully intricate parts.

An “Inner Smile” meditation could be just what you need?


Challenge Still Ahead

The 2020 Taurus New Moon is likely to be more difficult than most. First of all, it is conjunct Uranus – a planetary pattern infamous for triggering sudden upheaval and change.

With all that’s happening on our planet right now you are totally forgiven for thinking – What else could go wrong??

Uranus is about expecting the unexpected. So all you do is stay grounded and hold on to your hat.

Uranus has been linked to a whole series of difficult New Moons that have been forming since mid 2019. So this is all part of a much bigger process of global change.

As Uranus moves through Taurus, it pushes us to consider how we use the resources available to us all. The material things we consider important and how we share them must change.

A new world is forming and it requires a totally different attitude to what we consume.

Added to this mix, Saturn in Aquarius is squaring the New Moon. This is difficult, there is no doubt. But it also shows us where the real opportunities lie.

As you pause to reflect on how much the world has changed and where you want to go next, think about the incredible opportunities that a more efficient and less waste-producing society can offer us.

Saturn’s journey through Aquarius represents the next level of the Internet age. The WW Web is having its Saturn Return and hopefully growing up!

There is so much good coming from all this suffering and isolation. As the Sun and Moon meet this week have a think about how technology can make your life easier and support the planet as well.

Is there something you can do to create less waste, nurture Mother Earth or send a political message about the world you want to live in as we move forward?

On a less heavy note, the New Moon also emphasise certain creative arts. Taurus is associated with the pleasures the senses can bring, so take a moment to enjoy the smell of fresh baked bread, the snap of your morning coffee or the simple touch of someone you love.

Those of us in total isolation need to be strong. But we can still tap into the New Moon goodness by doing something pleasantly indulgent. More food porn anyone?????

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