Sun in Cancer. Cancer Star sign birthday tips 2020

​If Your Star Sign is Cancer… Read On

2020 Birthday Tips

For the Cancerians amongst us (and those who care to share it with them) here’s your celestial To-Do-List, helping you get your birthday month off to the best possible start

Do schedule in some serious YOU time on June 21/22nd as the night skies darken under a Cancer New Moon. Your birthday New Moon is also an annular eclipse, kicking off your astrological New Year with a twist…. Prepare  to deep-dive this weekend as you process old emotions and set yourself up for the year ahead.

: Think back to January 2020. The events coming up for you now are related to what was going on in early January. Before the world turned upside down we all had a vision for what 2020 might be. Think back to what you wanted to do then and compare it to where you are now. Have you learned anything awesome since then or is there some reframing to do?

2020 continues to deliver big challenges, and you need to seperate the old from the new.

Do mark the date. The Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon around July 5th puts a focus on home, roots, family and foundations. This is an emotionally volatile period which will see some Crabs pulling back from the outside world, and others building closer alliances with those they love. 

The Full Moon highlights other planets in Cardinal signs including Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. Big global forces are pushing for collective change and the mood is intense. Keep your Zen about you by making sure you have enough time to yourself, enjoying the pleasures to be found at home.    

: It’s Mercury retrograde time.  Once more, the planetary Trickster goes retrograde – this time in your sign – until early August.

With Mercury, things could go a couple of ways. On the one hand, this is a perfect time to make amends; you get the chance to clean up any undone messes from the past.

But Mercury retrograde is also notorious for causing communication down, and you may be tempted to harden your defensive shells—or sidestep the change that is underway. Try NOT to take everything personally during this six-week cycle.

Can you get more focussed? It’s Saturn time yet again! Saturn is going retrograde and will soon be back in Capricorn. You are about to undergo your final examination, in the hopes that you can then graduate from whatever you have been working through over the past two years.

Think back to the start of 2018, and what you have committed to (or not) since then.  Saturn is all about careful deliberation – which is hard with so much flux in the air, but necessary for you to succeed. Between now and December 2020 you are delivering your master stroke, and hopefully putting the final touches on some internal renovation work.

If theres something you have left undone, now is the time to complete it. 


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