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The Madness of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde usually three times a year and is a well known astrological phenomena. Each episode lasts around three weeks and is a great chance to reflect on your inner equilibrium

This much talked about Mercury retrograde effect is famous for impacting communications, important negotiations and turning well-laid plans upside down

Traditionally, Mercury Retrograde periods were considered terrible times for signing contracts or making any form of commitment.

The trouble is, in today’s world there can be so many major things we have to deal with that it’s hard to put life on pause  for three or so weeks while Mercury does its backward thing.

Making the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Rather than avoiding any commitment a more sensible approach would be to make sure you double check all important discussions, emails and documentations before you press send or sign the dotted line

The other thing traditional astrology advises is to use the Mercury Retrograde phase to review plans and fine-tune ideas. It’s the ideal time to sort through details or go back to a conversation you’ve had (if required) and sort out any misunderstandings      

The most interesting thing about it is that there seems to be a correspondence between our general levels of anxiety or scatteredness and the way that the Mercury Retrograde period influences us

Put simply, those of us who need a bit of “illumination” often become plagued by minor upsets. Everything goes wrong or stops working somehow. Conversely, those of us who have learned to stay centred usually sail right through.

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Mercury Retrograde – The difference is mindset 

Often, just before the retrograde cycle starts you might notice things getting strangely disrupted. Phones play up and techie things get problematic. You may have trouble getting certain project across the line. There can also be unexplained outages on social media networks, and disruptions to travel plans.

These can be a real headache, no doubt – but they can also be a great opportunity to learn

The best way to navigate a Mercury retrograde period is to develop your degree mindfulness. A tall order at times, this simply means becoming aware of your thoughts, and choosing to focus on the ones that serve you rather than pull you down.

Instead of spiralling into stress and reaching for the caffeine, Mercury teaches us to notice the stories we tell ourselves

Ideally, it’s a great time to improve your ability to be present when distractions emerge. This means staying focussed on what really matters, and navigating the unexpected without becoming overwhelmed.

And so, Mercury retrograde cycles are a cosmic opportunity to check your degree (or lack thereof) of mindfulness.

How To Spot The Mercury Retrograde Effect

Find out about the three ways most of us get affected by Mercury Retrograde, and what to do about it.

In our second article you will learn the two things you can do to improve your level of mindfulness

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