Aries Ingress- the astrological new year 2021

The Sun enters Aries

Welcome to the Aries Ingress, when the astrological new year begins.

At last, there are real signs of hope. After a very difficult 12 months, we can start to settle down again.

Your astrological New Year kicks off on March 20, 2021, marking the beginning of what astrologers consider the real New Year (aka Aries Ingress).

Let me explain.

The Zodiac (in Western astrology) is a model that allows us to track the movement of the Sun and planets across the sky as we journey through the four seasons.

Around March 20th each year, night and day are of equal length in both hemispheres, which coincides with what is called the vernal equinox. (We have another one exactly six months later in September – the Autumn or Spring equinox depending on your geolocation).

The signs of the Western Zodiac are intimately connected to this equinox point, so that as the Spring equinox arrives in the Northern hemisphere the Sun enters the sign of Aries (Aries Ingress), and the inception point for the cycle of the Zodiac begins.

This all makes sense in very practical terms.

The first sign of the Western Zodiac coincides with the actual start of Spring in the North, which signals the return to life and vitality as the warmer months return. So the Aries Ingress (or the Spring/Autumn Equinox) marks the start of the natural year.

In Astrology World, the Aries Ingress is the astrological New Year. Hurray!!!

From a cyclical or natural point of view, it is therefore perfectly reasonable to see the equinox as the real beginning of the New Year – a time for seeds to be planted, for hope to spring and for connections to be reaffirmed.

In fact, this is an important time in many parts of the world, and is celebrated in Iran and elsewhere as the festival of Nowruz. This should come as no surprise. The great cultures that in the past developed the art and science of astrology have always recognized the importance of the seasons and the natural year. They knew the Aries Ingress was a time plant new seeds, both metaphorically and physically

Now, let’s zero in on 2021 to ask, “What does the Aries Ingress mean for me”?

(If you want a recap on your 2021 forecast go here – then come back to this article!!) 


2021 – The Road Ahead

At the most simple level, this is THE time to get started on what you intend to achieve. January and February are for planning. March onwards is for getting **** done!

Think of the Aries Ingress as like the starter gun going off-  get moving or you might be left behind!

But to really understand what the new year may have in store, we need to create a chart. For this purpose, we will use the chart for the arrival of the Sun into Aries for London, UK at 9.40am, Saturday March 20th. (Aries ingress)

This chart is symbolically appropriate for the entire planet because we live in a world largely carved up into time zones based on GMT. So, from a symbolic point of view, we can see the sky over London at the Aries Ingress as reflecting themes which will impact the whole world over the next 3-12 months (see illustration, top left).

Therefore, for the 2021 Aries Ingress there are a couple of things to note.

Firstly, there is only one other body in Aries (and conjunct the Sun) at this time. This is the planetoid Chiron, which since its discovery in 1977 has been linked with medicine, prophecy and the search for a cure.

(Those of you who regularly visit this site may recall that last year I highlighted Chiron as pivotal in the emergence of the COVID-19 crisis and the development of a viable vaccine).

This month, Chiron reactivates the same points it did last March, implying a minor cycle has been completed and reliable information is now available. What we know now about vaccines and coronaviruses will affect medicine for decades to come.

The Sun is also aligned with Venus, which suggests a more pleasant tone to the months ahead rather than the otherwise traumatising vibe of the previous 12 months

The BIG THING to look at however is the presence of Jupiter on the MidHeaven – which means it is high in the sky over the UK as the astrological New Year begins.

This is incredibly auspicious for a number of reasons.

For starters, Jupiter here promises renewed protection, wealth and stability for the long suffering residents of the UK. Finally, your tribulations are starting to ease. In approx 2.5 months (based on lunar calculations) you might just see another kind of V-Day (Victory Day) celebrated nationwide as you kick Corona to the curb.

For the rest of us, this is also really good news. Jupiter is riding high through Aquarius to emphasise all the good things that the Age of Aquarius can bring. Think science, technology and most importantly education.

I cannot say this strongly enough. If there ever was a good time to upskill or educate yourself more that time is NOW…..  JUST DO IT!!! 

2021 is the moment that knowledge actually starts to set us free, and the Aries Ingress is an optimal time to planet those seeds

You can find out more about what Jupiter in Aquarius means here.

While the focus for the next few months is still definitely on hospitals, health systems and vaccines (Moon in 12th house), a promising trine between the Moon and Jupiter suggests that there are great gains on the horizon after all this – watch for news in June and July.

Neptune is also connected (linked to mutations, adaptation and the Theory of Evolution) but this combination implies that the huge advances currently being made in medical science will have a massive impact on the years ahead.

Out of darkness comes the light and there are major signs of hope on the horizon now as we limp, skip and hop our way into another chapter of the Earth’s journey around the Sun.

If you want to understand all of this at a much more personal level, join up with our Inner Circle and get all the detailed information you need to really understand how astrology illuminates the patterns which underpin our lives.

And remember you can read more about how your sign of the Zodiac and what to look out for in 2021 here.


Need any more convincing?

Take a look at the Aries Ingress chart for 2020, again set for London (see below)


This chart features the much more sobering conjunction of both Saturn and Pluto on the Eastern horizon in London, foreshadowing the massive social restructuring, isolation and technological intervention that made 2020 such a pivotal year.

Now I don’t want to say I told you so….. But the themes for 2020 were written large in the sky over London last year, and the same will be the case for this year as well.

So educate yourself, expand your potential and embrace the version of a better world that science and technology can bring.

There are definitely massive areas in which we need to improve but we will only get there as a collective when we individual citizens upgrade our behaviours, understanding and sense of community.

For the astro nerds amongst us… (And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be???) you can get much more in depth analysis when you join our Inner Circle astrology group… And it’s only $12 a month!!

Happy New Year  XXX

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