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Your Mercury Sign in Astrology

Explore the meaning of Mercury in astrology and how your Mercury sign can influence your communication style, what interests you and the ways in which you connect with others. 


Communication and Connection

In Greek mythology Mercury is Hermes, the winged messenger of the gods. Mercury is symbolically associated with communication, as shown through its rulership of Gemini.

Mercury also rules the practical and analytical sign of Virgo, revealing that function of the mind is to analyze, define, translate and communicate.

Mercury’s nature is amoral, versatile and adaptable. When Mercury is strong in your chart you may easily change points of view, and less emotionally involved in outcomes than others.

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The God of Tricksters and Thieves


As the planet of the mental processes, Mercury is concerned with acquiring information, 

As it is also the planet associated youth, its’ attention span is short.

Mercury is concerned with breadth rather than depth. It is the acquisition of knowledge for the sake of knowing, as opposed in depth learning.

Mercury rules the voice and everything to do with the written or spoken word – in short communication in all forms.

Mercury also governs humour, astrology and magic. Mercury rules the hands – a sleight of hand can fool the eye – so is also connected with thieves and tricksters.


When Mercury Goes Retrograde


Three or so times every year, Mercury will be said to “go retrograde” This means that from our perspective on Earth, Mercury appears to travel backward against the backdrop of the Zodiac.

Learn more about Mercury Retrograde here

In truth, this is just an optical illumination, similar to when you pass a car at high speed on a highway and it appears momentarily to be going backward.  This GIF will illuminate the concept for you

Whilst its impact is probably overrated, it is generally a good idea to use these time periods to review major plans and revise instead of instigate. For example, agreements begun under a retrograde phase often don’t end up happening as planned. 

However the repeated occurrence of major technical glitches on these days does suggest that there is a strong correlation between retrograde phases and how electrical fields operate.

Just like the reference above to tricksters and thieves, the Mercury Retrograde phase often involves “sleights of hand” that can deceive our otherwise very analytical way of understanding the world.


How To Spot The MR Effect

Staying calm during Mercury’s retrograde phase is the key to success

We’ve put together an article on how to get through Mercury Retrograde here

You can also find out about the three ways most of us get affected by Mercury Retrograde, and what to do about it.

Learn two things you can do to improve your level of mindfulness


The Sun’s closest neighbour, Mercury is never found further than 27 degrees away from the Sun. For this reason, Mercury is rarely visible. The best time to see it is during a total eclipse, or one of its rare visible transits across the Sun

Just like the Sun, Mercury takes approximately a year to travel through the Zodiac, but travels at variable speed. Mercury will always be either in the same sign as your Sun, or one sign either side.

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