Sun in Gemini & Gemini Rising

The annual Leo New Moon on August 1st could be supremely social for you. It’s your once-in-12-month moment to sparkle with ingenuity, flirt with fierce abandon and generally ramp up your social cache.

New Moons are all about taking a moment to set fresh intentions for the year ahead. This means being even more prepared to express yourself, say yes to any interactive opportunity and mingle at every turn. Make a wish or ignite a dream on August 1st and/or 7th (when the Sun links up with Jupiter) to get the best from this month’s celestial synergies

Uranus and Venus feature heavily this month, implying a change from the status quo. In the mood to shake up who you tend to schmooze with, extra-curricular activities or networking skills? August is optimal for achieving all that and more. Get out of any group commitment that feels overly restrictive. Be prepared to radically overthrow – if necessary – your usual routines

Mercury also turns direct (thanks the gods!) freeing all of us from tedious tech challenges, communication ‘isssues’ and a general feeling of WTF??!!? The endless back and forth that seemed to feature heavily through July is now officially over. You can back to being your impressively nimble Better Self.

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