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Gemini Rising and Sun in Gemini

Partnerships, or the importance of relating, is centre stage for you this year. 2019 suggests a fresh new dynamic in terms of who you are, or are not yet, involved with. There is a major emphasis on personal and professional collaboration. Pay attention to whoever comes into your life this year. At least one person should be offering you the freedom to grow.

Some of you will make big commitments. Marriage may be on the cards? If you are just hoping to meet someone fun then 2019 can also help fast-track that process along. And for those of you currently walking a rocky road, 2019 can help you negotiate whatever needs to be sorted out.ask yourself-  “What would my Wisest Self do right now?” should you find yourself put to the test. The next 12 months can really help you to demonstrate maturity as you connect with whoever it is you need.

May-June should be interesting as ruler Mercury sprints through your sign. 2019 seems to be the year when everyone is most themselves. So avoid basing decisions on what you believe others think, and just ask. And of course be true to yourself so that you can see things clearly before you commit.

Your theme this year involves finding your potential by collaborating with people who can help. Teachers come in many shapes and guises. Stay open to the learning that ensues.

Your 2019 Forecast


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